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  1. sitting by the hotel pool I am in for awhile.
  2. GG to all,I do not know if i will be in next week.I will be on vaction but I am going to still try and make it.
  3. Not looking good for me going to get hammered by the weather in the next hour.Having some 50 to 80 mph winds clocked hopefully the worst will stay north of me.
  4. I am in like always don't need staked.Hopefully I will be able to play the hole tourney got bad storms coming my way so hopefully I won't lose power.Gl to all hopefully will see you all later.
  5. Good Luck to all and Happy Fathers day to all Fathers.
  6. I would say drop back down.Sounds to me like you need to build up some convidence.If you add money to your account most likely you will not fair well until you build your self back up.
  7. I use to think the the same way that at micros it was nothing but bad players.Then i started really working hard on watching players and what the play and how they play them.This is going to help you as you move up.Paying attention to how they play and when they are chasing will help you to know when to release and when to apply pressure.At the micro I think the best way to play is just staight forword poker.Don't try alot of bluffs because alot of times people at that level are not going to understand what you are doing they are just playing the card in there hand.Best of luck
  8. I played so bad last night.That is what I get for not watching the table.hopefully i will pick it up next week.Good game all and see you next week.
  9. I submitted mine earlier but never got a e mail back.
  10. jsut finished up 15.00+1.50Never really got much going but hung on to finish 1724 out of 11,007.At least got some money back.$30.89
  11. r23y

    Dairy Free

    I have had some health problems lately.So I went to the doctor.I have stop eating anything with dairy in it for a week.Does anybody have any suggestions.Having a tuff time finding food.Just thought some of you might be able to help.
  12. I got my shirt and a hat.I must have been a good boy this year to get on the good list.Thank you Matt
  13. Normally with it folded around to me in that situation I shove with almost anything.I was just wandering if I should just call with a made hand.Then go from there.
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