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  1. Is it legal to play Texas Hold 'em in Omaha?
  2. OK how about we have a chat on Sunday evening 8pm est?Here is a list of guys that have shown interest in helping run the league that are invited to join. My screenname on AIM is chopper320. Just let me know if this time works for you guys and your screenname. Thanks.eboyd21myplayisrabsupertouchwaffles2003capthowdy981sfkidthe stein
  3. Ok, I will try to put together a list of 4 or 5 of you guys that have expressed interest in running the league and we can try to get a time and place together to have a live chat to get the setup hammered out.
  4. The good thing about this setup is that no shows will not have as big of an effect.If we had 4 players per team, there would be 4 matches with 8 players each. If a team member didn't show then he wouldn't play in his match and that table would only have 7 players to start. Your team would still play in the other 3 matches and could still gain points.
  5. Updated list:Chopper320*TB17Zsta2k6Eboyd21*YourboygsaridaMyPlayIsRab*BeaverstyleWaffles2003Supertouch*AcesUp46Ice_w0lfAngloBoydrumbumthe_steinJesseW316*Crazyplaya6PotDragonSantzesMr_BizkitzThe_PhoenixKChuDreamcrusher28Capthowdy981*CdipierrRickyG033Flack_attackChrisRicheywhatarunaatallytownFSU*jaystonephishZippy_CootieSFKid*
  6. Ok, we have enough interest now we just need to nail down the setup.I say for the initial season we keep it at 8 or 9 teams and adjust the amount of players per team according to the amount of players we have in league. I also think for the initial season, we should stick to strictly no limit.I think each player should pay something like $25 and this will go to the prize pool, on top of the individual sit n go payouts.I think points should be awarded to more than just top 3 in each tourney. Something like:1st - 102nd - 73rd - 54th - 35th - 1Prize pool payout would be divided evenly among tea
  7. So far this is who we have that's interested:Chopper320*TB17Zsta2k6Eboyd21*YourboygsaridaMyPlayIsRab*BeaverstyleWaffles2003Supertouch*AcesUp46Ice_w0lfAngloBoyeYankdrumbumthe_steinJesseW316*Crazyplaya6PotDragonSantzesMr_BizkitzThe_PhoenixKChuDreamcrusher28Capthowdy981Cdipierr* willing to help organize/run leagueI don't see that FCP would have a problem with us running this on Stars but I guess we'll find out.The way we will be running this won't be that difficult to setup schedules.Don't know what concern #4 is but I'm sure we can work it out.
  8. I can setup a basic website no problem. Maybe we could do the sit n go thing with all players and top 9 players are captains, picking in order of finishing position or would it be better to bring your own team?If for some reason we have that much of an overwhelming response we could do something like 2 divisions of 9 teams or figure out a structure to do it in a round robin type way where so many teams play in a specific match and the other teams play in a different match. We could set it up in a way that all teams are at each others table the same about of times. So if we had 12 teams for
  9. Alright maybe we should start tossing out ideas for a league format and decide on the organizer/organizers. It looks like we're going to have plenty of interest though.
  10. Ya I would like mixed games but I don't think it's the way to go. Especially at first.
  11. I would be into mixed games but I don't know how much interest we'd have in that.
  12. The PPL sounds pretty cool to me and I think it would be fun to create a similar type of league on Pokerstars. I haven't thought about how everything would be run and I probably wouldn't be into running this league but it's just an idea. If there is enough interest and if someone would be willing to take charge of this league, I would definetly be into this.
  13. How many more lame posts that don't even resemble humor will you create before you get bored?
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