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  1. These are the micros. Most players there don't know anything about odds and outs. They love their suited cards although they have no idea that they will fail to make a flush most of the time. And that's where you will make your money from. "Normal" playstyles don't apply at these stakes. That's why blackrain and me are saying that simply fold if they are going allin or betting super strong because they most likely have you beat. They are idiots, playing a ton of shitty cards. Keep calm, wait for your spots because they will come. Dont bluff, strong pf hand selection, dont slowplay, bet strong,
  2. 1) Raising only 2 BBs is too low. You should have raised at least 3 BBs (although he probably would have called anyway). 2) One general rule at the micros: When your opponent is getting it all in, he almost always has the nuts. Aces are the best hand preflop, but that can change extremly quickly on the flop. Get used to folding AA, KK and stuff like that in those situations. 3) I recommend buying the book "Crushing the Microstakes" by blackrain79. Read it and immediately beat these limits. Here are some general rules you should consider while playing the micros: 1) Play a reall
  3. I wonder why Daniel doesn't just donate the 100k? It's not like he can barely afford it, right....
  4. There's a very simple rule for micro cash games (at least at pokerstars):If someone puts his whole money in or most of his stack he usually has the nuts. They dont fold pocket pairs preflop, no matter what they have to call. I'd say that in 9 out of 10 situations like that you are behind. Thats just the way they play at those limits
  5. Thanks for your comments I basically played the way most people here told me to do. I started playing slow and kinda sloppy (compared to a normal cash game) and lost $400 in 2 hours. I made a rebuy and won $400 playing more seriously (but I hope they didnt notice I was chatting with them, having some beer to make a good impression on them. They are nice guys and they are only playing for fun not for money.
  6. Hey guys,I'm playing in a little cash game tonight which has a very "weird" (I'd say ****ed up) structure:max buyin is $500 and you only have $10 chips. so the blinds are $10/$10 all the time. I know that the players in that round are all rookies with no experience at all (only a lot of money) but I have never played against them before (only heart from friends that they suck). What would be your advice for me to get all their money? I hate playing against amatuers / maniacs in home rounds. I mean playing cash games in a casino is very different to this
  7. Negreanu Starts WellDaniel Negreanu has collected a nice early pot to gain the ascendancy on the table of death that is table 233.He bet/3-bet the flop and the turn against Barry Greenstein in a battle of the blinds, before firing one last barrel on the river on a board of {10-Clubs}{7-Spades}{5-Clubs}{Q-Hearts}{9-Clubs}. Greenstein made the call but mucked when Negreanu tabled {Q-Spades}{10-Diamonds} for two pair.And if we thought table 233 wasn't full of enough heavyweights, David Oppenheim has just taken his seat to the direct right of Daniel NegreanuNegreanu Not Losing Any More Than He Has
  8. Sorry, cant find any streams on the first page... ESPN 360`?Bluffmagazine?PKR`?
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