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  1. Just watched blackrains micro stakes videos on YouTube...really good stuff
  2. He was holding 7 4 . Paired a 7 on the flop check called and got the four on the the turn then re raised all in. At that point the last hand I thought he had was 7-4. He was in the bb so I knew he'd probly have somethin weird but it's hard to tell on the micros sometimes
  3. It seems like a lot of these people at these stakes really don't care/ pay attention that much so it's a decion between being consistent and not loosing an extra 5 cents over the long run due to not getting value when I have a good hand. These people at these stakes never really play tight though it's kind of a gamble fest. I'm trying to build my bankroll up to $100 so that's why I'm playing these stakes. I'm in a toughspot cause the lowest game they have is.02/.05 and my bankroll is 64.03 right now so I don't have the proper roll. Do you have any advice on the best way to build that up? I fee
  4. If I am in early position I will raise 4x the bb with any hand I decide to play, with 7-8 people left to act behind because if I raise 2x everyone calls at these stakes. If I'm in middle or late, it's always 2x. I never limp except for completing in the small blind on occasion. I'm wondering if it would be a better strategy though just to raise 3x in all positions to keep it consistent.
  5. 5nl .02/.05 Hero: A A 115 bb I'm in UTG+2 and I raise to 2x the big blind with my aces for $.10 , everyone folds except for the big blind who has about 50 bb behind. The flop comes Kh 7c 3c . Big blind checks and obviously this is a pretty good flop so I throw $.20 into the $.27 pot. The big blind smooth calls which leads me to believe he has a k low kicker hand, or maybe a flush draw or straight draw of some kind. The turn is a 4d and he checks again and I bet 3/4 pot again and then he check raises all in for a $1.20 more! I didn't have hardly any experience with this guy so I'm no
  6. I agree it was definetly wishful thinking. 9 times out of ten I would never make this play, but I have a bad habit of going with my gut reaction instead of stepping back and really looking at the situation logically. thanks for the insight I appreciate it
  7. Hey guys first time poster..I played this hand on bovada in a .50/1.00 game the other night. Let me know what you think! Hero: 10 8o I have been pretty aggressive at this .50/1.00 table since I joined in about 10 hands ago. The table is playing pretty passive so far. So I raise 3x the blind in middle position 6 handed with 10 8o . Player to the left of me who is playing pretty tight (from my huge sample size of ten hands) min re- raises me. I'm thinking that he's just frustrated with all my action and has decided to take a stand. I call and we see a flop. Flop comes 7 9 K r . At this p
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