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  1. Sorry as this may come off as a terribly incomprehensible question, though my friend and I had this hand come up and our opinions differed. I was in the small blind and it was a family pot in a 1-2 nl game. The flop came 7h, 8d, 9h and I checked. Big blind made it 10$. UTG(seat 9) folded and the UTG+1(seat 1, a horrible player) raised all in which was conveniently 20$. Seat 2 folded, seat 3 folded, seat 4 reraised another 60(80 to go) and everyone folded including the BB.seat 4 turned over 7c, 9d. Was that the right play to try and isolate in a family pot with a coordinated board and two to ac
  2. I saw this today and had to post it...both late position. a a makes it 4x.. right behind him a 4 doubles it....aa pushes all in and is immediatly called.a4 then says....I thought you had a small pair. A wierd coincidence: his screename is phisherman or something of the sort.
  3. I was in a hand in late position the other day in a ssnl cash game. Alot of limpers had entered the pot and no one showed any strength so I called with 6 7 ...The flop came 5 8 8:club: ...and someone in middle position bet about 3 quarters pot..all folded but one other person...do I call and take a card, raise or fold no matter what...the player that bet was a pretty weak player and I was certain she had an 8. I wasnt certain what the player that called had.Note: Im typically not interested to drawing to a hand on a paired boared but I dont know if this hand makes it a different sit
  4. thanks...lol...some of you are pretty funny. Nice read, I dont have any friends let alone one in the WSOP...I was bluffing. Though, I would still like to be updated, so thanks to those of you who imparted some useful info..
  5. Where can you find day to day table stacks etc.? For instance, if I wanted to check to see where a friend is at in 3000k NLH game the day it starts...is it possible? Does anyone take count at anytime throughout the day or is that just too absurd?
  6. thanks for the reply... I suppose there are always many variables and unfortunatly this case is no different. I was playing the other day in 20 person homegame and was the chip leader...was BB and called an all in and had the best hand preflop but was beat ..oh well. someone made the comment " I dont know if Id have called with that hand." I was getting just over two to one.....It got me wondering about at point the hand doesnt even matter. BTW, the hands were j9s vs 78o lost to 8 on turn..
  7. Say your in the BB in a Sng or something...and have a marginal hand like j10s....if someone moves all in and everyone folds to you, at what point is it right to call...if the there is 1500 in the pot and to call the all in you have to risk another 1500, do you do it?Clarify...blinds are 300 & 600... I guess thats 2 to 1 isnt it? May be a stupid question, I just never knew that arbitrary line where calling is the right thing to do. 2 to 1, 3 to 1? And does that line change significantly with the hand say...68 vs j10 or 35 vs q8...thanks fo your help.
  8. I know the odds of a flush draw, but say there is 60 in the pot and I bet 60 into it...for whatever reason, semi bluff, etc..now someone reraises me. Do I count the money in there now or the money minus my bet, because I could potentially inflate the pot odds every time. Say BB with a4 suited and I hit my ace and 4 to a flush and I know someone has me outkicked or whatever, maybe a str8 or 2 pair....once I bet into the pot I make the odds pretty good...This is where the confusion lies.
  9. thanks for the input. I know I read it and I thought it was in super systemI just didnt know whether he said it was legit or not. I thought it was unethical but still legal as long as they were exposed to everyone and not one person.
  10. does anyone know what the rules say regarding flipping cards over before calling final bet? To get a read, I mean.Not sure where this is stated but I know Ive read of it happening before.
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