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  1. give it a try if you are up to, but maybe for starters, try to get a (not to stupid) half time job, so there is some fluent income each month and play poker the other half. that way you maybe have a better time increasing your bank roll, maybe cash out halve your winnings of the month, leave the rest to add to your bankroll or something. if it doesn't work out, you are still young enough to check other options in life, if it does work out, fine and gg :)just my 2 cents, others here will have some smarter thoughts about that. am
  2. Thanks for the replies. At the time I played the hand, I wasn't so sure about my actions, we ended up capping every street and afterwards I felt like a retarded donkey, getting lucky on the river.But what you two posted was my thinking while I was posting the hand a few hours ago. I realized my outs I have, even if he flopped his straight and that I will be a favorite winning the hand in the long run. LHE is a fun game, I'm really getting into it and will stick with it for a while. I've only played like 500 SH LHE hands in my life so far and I'm up 200BB, so that's a good thing I guess (knowin
  3. Thanks for the reply. I play SH only, I don't really know why, but I feel more comfortable there. Plus it's more fun I think ^^I will try to get some hands to post, where I'm not sure about it. I can't play for the rest of the month, because I'm in the studio with my band from monday on, but I'll post some hands in July when I'm back.One hand I remember, was something like this, I don't remember the exact suits, but they weren't important:Hero: :5hI raise preflop, everyone mucks, the one to the right from me calls, so I'm heads up.Flop: :7sVillain bets, Hero?Now what? What can he have?He cou
  4. Hi, I've never played LHE until recently. I don't have a big bankroll, I play micro limits and I am not a very good player I think, but eager to learn and improve, hehe. So far so good, yet every small session was in the plus, so that's good i think ^^ I am reading here and there in this massive thread, and I think I learn something on the way. The videos from Looshle (from a year ago) are quite informative for me, too, thanks for that.One thing I didn't find an answer to is: I was wondering what the correct way for playing small pocket pairs would be in LHE? I feel like everytime I get one de
  5. I know it happens all the time, but my friends are all not so into poker, so I have to rant here PokerStars Spiel #29227365038: Turnier #168312742, Freeroll Hold'em No Limit - Level VIII (75/150) - 11.06.2009 2:09:05 MEZ [10.06.2009 20:09:05 ET]Tisch '168312742 1053' 9-max Platz #8 ist der DealerPlatz 1: J├┤Vidal (660 in Chips) setzt ausPlatz 2: ppro325 (665 in Chips) Platz 3: Amnestia (3185 in Chips) Platz 4: TotoClac (6853 in Chips) setzt ausPlatz 5: Zone Drop (2982 in Chips) Platz 6: MAXIDOM (4295 in Chips) Platz 7: wooliver1979 (3730 in Chips) Platz 8: Texazz1978 (6219 in Chips) Platz 9:
  6. sorry for my stupid question, but i've never played omaha hi/lo.if there are 3 cards 8 or lower in the flop, you didn't hit anything in the low range, but have like a 5 and 8 in your hand, does this qualify as a (weak) low hand with 8 high? (i hope you understand my english )and i don't understand this quote from the rules"Interesting moment of Omaha High-Low rules is that straights and flushes do not count against you when qualifying for Low."what does that mean?
  7. daniel is really killing my sleep here in germany, thank god i don't have to work this week. looking forward to the ft broadcast, gl!
  8. you don't have to, it's quite entertaining while watching the #15 final table ^^i know it might sound really nuts, but being a poker forum and all, why dont you two set up a table and battle it out in a nice little heads up match online?
  9. would love to see it, but neither link is working :/how do i get a US citizen for a night!? ^^hopefully it will work on pkr in a while or something...
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