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  1. Durrrr has a RICH backer..Just like GUS did in his early days..In GUS early early days he was down 4-6 Million from his backer.. ( He even says it in a video interview )You think Durrrr uses his own Money? Har Har
  2. Just like the Freemason and the New World Order..Some things just cant be said...I know for a fact some Pros get bankroll from FTP or STARS each month..
  3. You cant show PROOF online here idiot...No PRO will ever tell you this is true or post..Stop trying to GOOGLE the answer IDIOTBut trust me i know, I know some PROS who receive a BANKROLL Monthly from the Site they are Members at..Some members get 1000's month, While others get 100,000's MonthPS: FTP will never close down cause The President has close TIES with FTP ownerhttp://www.mypicx.com/05062009/obama
  4. Obviously you don't have REAL PRO friends IN REAL LIFE buddy.ALL TOP PROS can get Bankroll and payback %
  5. Pocket change to him...FTP gives him 1 million week to playFTP make billions from Rakes...Gus has a bigger Bankroll than DurrrIf Durrrr ever ran as bad as Gus his backers would leave him.
  6. How is it possible to change your stars name without getting account banned?
  7. I'm sitting @ stars on 50k Tourney, Game is paused..My cash game is paused also..
  8. Only problem i'm having is checking balance and slow refresh rates
  9. Maybe cause you're a LOSER dude with -70+ROI and -100% to him
  10. hAND DOWN DudeReturn on Investment: -22.56%
  11. PUT YOUR HAND DOWN DUDEReturn on Investment: -73.21%
  12. Put your hand down dudeLetsGoPens44 FullTiltPoker Player ProfileFILTER RESULTS: FROM: TO: 2007 2008 2009 AUG-08SEP-08OCT-08NOV-08DEC-08JAN-09FEB-09MAR-09APR-09MAY-09 SUMMARY TOURNEY RESULTS BUY-IN/GAME TYPE WHO'S VIEWED VIEW AS V.1.0 MTTs MTT SIT N GOS HEADS UP SATELLITES RANKINGS MTT MT-SNG HU SAT TOTALS Winnings: $2,326.69 $0.00 $65.77 $22.00 $2,414.46 Est. Buy-Ins: $3,795.68 $0.00 $255.00 $309.45 $4,360.13 Est. Rake: $382.25 $0.00 $25.00 $28.40 $435.65 Profits: ($1,851.24) $0.00 ($214.23) ($315.85) ($2,381.32) Largest Cash: $930.00 Average Cash: $53.65
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