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  1. i was under the impression that ur a tool
  2. what u mean fargo i havent disrespect any1
  3. sick boy is always bein a dick thinkin hes so much better then everyone that he talks down to them
  4. it's about that time of year again. how many of u guys one a seat to the big one and how many of u are still trying? I been playing small sattelites and some freerolls tryin to make it happen. any of u baller snap one off yet??
  5. good luck everyone, if anyone wants to do some bizness for the mini ones send me a PM
  6. u can find a better than than 62, u look desperate too so they might call u with ace ten or KQ even.
  7. totally forgot about sammy, he is reckless and a gambler and sure fun to watch too bad i havent been able to find him on much lately!
  8. ty sick boy apology accepted now let's get it on!
  9. i am not a joke account if u dont want to coach me that is fine but u dont have to attack me
  10. i think ur just upset u lost but with top 2 pair wtf are u gonna do, if he has a 9, he has a 9.
  11. lurbz doesnt have to prove anythin to u sickboy. he's right too all u did was give me shit in everything i posted and talk down to me while he had the respect to talk to me private instead of tryin to make himself look like a badass on the interneti hope someone shuts u up
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