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  1. i was under the impression that ur a tool
  2. what u mean fargo i havent disrespect any1
  3. sick boy is always bein a dick thinkin hes so much better then everyone that he talks down to them
  4. it's about that time of year again. how many of u guys one a seat to the big one and how many of u are still trying? I been playing small sattelites and some freerolls tryin to make it happen. any of u baller snap one off yet??
  5. good luck everyone, if anyone wants to do some bizness for the mini ones send me a PM
  6. u can find a better than than 62, u look desperate too so they might call u with ace ten or KQ even.
  7. totally forgot about sammy, he is reckless and a gambler and sure fun to watch too bad i havent been able to find him on much lately!
  8. ty sick boy apology accepted now let's get it on!
  9. i am not a joke account if u dont want to coach me that is fine but u dont have to attack me
  10. i think ur just upset u lost but with top 2 pair wtf are u gonna do, if he has a 9, he has a 9.
  11. lurbz doesnt have to prove anythin to u sickboy. he's right too all u did was give me shit in everything i posted and talk down to me while he had the respect to talk to me private instead of tryin to make himself look like a badass on the interneti hope someone shuts u up
  12. you kinda threw this off track guys lets get back to the real discussion
  13. ya i know he plays it up a little bit but can u blame him? his face was on beer cans last year and everyone knows him across the world. of course having most bracelets and being one of the top if not best no limit holdem players helps, but he still gets good money from phil the character.he does have some wpt final tables under his belt which shows that he can win outside of the wsop, pretty impressive
  14. i think u have to go by bracelets and phil is leading that category. sure he can tilt and say alot of things a pro shouldnt say but his skill does stand above the rest and until someone can knock him down from that pedestel i think its just gonna be phil above the rest
  15. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...p;#entry3102756
  16. this sounds cool. im 20, been playin for a couple years roughly, like tournaments better than cash games but i play both, depends on my mood. ive played anywhere from 2 dollar to 50 dollar tournaments and i think i did pretty well overall on themi am in between jobs right now so i can play a lot i am willing to work really hard and learn from someone whos willing to help me learn. should i send u a pm too?
  17. what's your preference?both have there good and bad points. live is more social, feels like u are out doing something, being more productive.online can keep u in the house for days at a time and shut u off from the outside world. i know we all love being able to play in our boxers and not have to pretty ourselves up but sometimes its just too much.also live u have more tells u can go by, like the look at ur chips quickly (strength) or stare down (weak).online u just dont have this to use but u can also play a bunch more tables and they go faster for each hand. sux live when u get a new or bad
  18. sound like someones jealous (david sklanksy)
  19. u have pocket fives with a raise and another raise. u can hope they both have ace king and u are in a cointoss but i like to leave the luck to the donkeys
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