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  1. I think this might've been the only substantive post ITT, and IMO it's the main reason that over time we'll see female poker players achieve success that's statistically commensurate with their numbers; as aggression from a female becomes less socially taboo, that lack of constraint will start to manifest itself in more aggressive female poker players. This is a generational thing, though, not something that will change in just a few years.Also, Liv Boeree is smoking hot.
  2. fold/jam pre-could you elaborate a little on why the jam is better pre? I can definitely understand folding, but K7hh seems like a bad hand to be jamming with vs. a raiser, unless it's purely a squeeze. I felt like I wanted to fold or take a flop as cheaply as possible; is that flawed thinking?on the flop, you said to c/jam... do you mean check or jam, or check and then shove if he bets? ...either line is probably better than mine.
  3. So, clearly this isn't the correct play to make, but what is? Do I throw this away preflop, despite getting better than 3:1? Do I just not make the bet on the flop? Do I fold to the raise? Or is this one of those hands where it just kind of is what it is? "Don't make the flop bet, you friggin' donkey" seems to be the answer to me, but any input is welcome. Thanks!ETA: Forgot to mention, no real reads; we hadn't been at the same table long. Figured this could easily be a button steal (maybe too small of a raise for that?), and so on the flop, I figured I might take it down vs. overs, et
  4. "Picking up hands and I'm officially over the century mark with a little over 100k." -DN's twitter, about 10 mins ago.
  5. I want to trade Portis for a WR. Do either Housh or Driver seem like a fair return for him? The other guy is starting LDT and Reggie Bush this week, with Larry Johnson, Mendenhall, Willie Parker, and Donald Brown on his bench. His WR are Housh, Driver, Berrian, S. Moss, Jenkins, M. Floyd.
  6. Would take Warner; that could be a shootout, but Philly-Tampa will likely be over early.I can start 2 RB; one will be Peterson. 2nd is...?Fred Jackson (14.44)Cedric Benson (6.73)Clinton Portis (9.99)Ahmad Bradshaw (8.53)Chester Taylor (7.52)Numbers in parentheses are Yahoo fantasy points predictions for this week. Do they know something I don't? Why is Jackson outscoring Portis?
  7. Yahoo is reporting McFadden is having knee surgery and will be out for 2-4 weeks. Drop drop drop.
  8. I ended up going with Peterson/Jackson after seeing the med report about Portis having bone spurs in both ankles; worked out pretty well (I'll win the game in that league for sure).
  9. Sit Desean, Ginn, and either Housh or Breaston. Start everybody else. The Housh call is tough b/c Seneca Wallace is awful, but at least he's the no. 1. I'd start Breaston instead.Start Rivers over Schaub. Houston will be able to run on Jacksonville, so I don't think Schaub has a huge game (plus, Walter might be out again). Manning put up nice numbers on the Dolphins with only 15 minutes of possession; the Chargers have a better D than the Colts, so I'd expect even more drives for Rivers.For one of my leagues: I have to start two of: Adrian Peterson, Clinton Portis, Fred Jackson. Portis
  10. Owen Daniels is on Houston. Beyond that... Jacobs will have a big day for him. Hixon... maybe a bit less so.
  11. I mean, Tony Gonzalez had a nice game vs. Miami, and Clark has a better QB throwing to him, and the Colts have a worse running game than the Falcons, so... I think Clark is going to have a nice game (especially with Anthony Gonzalez out). Meanwhile, I kind of think Brees doesn't care who he throws it to, and the Saints have a ton of offensive weapons, so I don't think Shockey's week 1 performance is going to be the norm. I'd start Clark.
  12. So, who to start at flex WR/RB?Willie Parker (vs. Bears)Jonathan Stewart (vs. Falcons)Mario Manningham (vs. Cowboys)I think I might go with Stewart.
  13. I like Olsen... I think Manning will be good, but not a worldbeater this year, and I really like Forte in a PPR league. Not nearly as high as you are on Dwayne Bowe, though (he's my WR1 in one of my leagues and I'm not thrilled about it); that said, with Walter you can afford to play some matchups and the like.I really like your RB depth, it's fairly ridiculous, actually. Can you trade in this league, or not? Might be worth trying for a stud WR; also, you might be able to get Mario Manningham on the waiver wire; NYG receivers in the draft were such a crapshoot.
  14. Upon further review, you're right; that said, I still like Bell better. The Arizona running game doesn't really get me that excited. Not completely sure of it, though.
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