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  1. When they calculate the level of aid you will receive, they base it on the entire cost of attending school per their calculations. When I went back in '02, that worked out to about 14 grand a year, which included tuition and fees, supplies, housing, food, and whatever other expenses were typical for a college student. But I own my house, ate one meal a day on campus, bought books online, etc. I continued to work at my job which paid all my regular expenses, so in all I spent between 8k and 9k a year on school. Paid off the car, the credit cards, bought a laptop, and so forth with the rest.
  2. What would be necessary for a consistently winning pokerbot: the ability to detect the opponents' betting patterns and adjust to them, the ability to change gears, if you will. Humans spot patterns on an unconscious level. So far as I know, no computer can do that. Pattern recognition still must be explicitly taught to a computer.If the science of neural networking ever achieves its full flower, it will be possible to build a program that will adapt and adjust to players' patterns and the shifts therein. Will the computer be able to be creative and "switch gears" on its own when the time
  3. Well, that didn't take long.lost big pot with pocket 8s when KJs called 1k on the turn with a flush draw and two overs and hit a J on the river,then went out when QTo called a 4x pf raise. I had JJ and he called my all-in with 3 unders on the flop. Q on the turn.Thank you for the opportunity.
  4. Jocks fix BMW, vend quartz glyph.My kind zap Fox TV, squelch GWB Jr.!
  5. Ummmm, thanks?Stunned that I wasn't the 70th pick. Grazie, Signore.
  6. Anybody have any clue how much Matusow owes? Does he ever get to keep any money? Where does he get his roll?
  7. Daughter's hittable. Intimidating chiclets, but hittable.
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