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  1. I'm looking to try a new poker site. I'm a USA player.I'm looking for rakeback.I already have accounts on FullTilt and Pstars. Oh and bodog too. I didn't like bodog though because that online sports gambling was too inticing for me lol.So I was hoping some of you could tell me the best site, besides those three, to play. Things to consider, rakeback, first deposit bonuses and freerolls, overall player traffic, and anything else you can think of.I just don't trust the reviews I see online because all the reviews seem to point to whatever site they have an affiliation with.For deposit option
  2. I was actually very bored one day and calculated the exact cards at a ten handed table that would give aa the best winning percentage possible. I think the cards were:You AsAc2. Ks8c3. Kc8h4. KdKh5. Qs7c6. Qd7h7. 7d7s8. QcQh9. 8d8s10. Ad9hNow hands 2,3,8, and 9 are drawing dead.Hand 4 can win with a heart flushHands 5, 6, 7, can win with a straight (if there are not 4 spades or clubs on the board) or straight flushHand 10 can get a diamond flush, split with a wheel, or trip nines provided an ace doesnt fall, or quad ninesI think the AsAc was about a 90% favorite to win. I don
  3. Didn't Negreanu say Howard was probably the best short handed limit holdem player in the world?
  4. Yah, because all the topics on this board are soooooo interesting. Rail me on my micro! I was dieing of boredom reading this forum. Someone needs to post something.
  5. I can't break that down. No one has ever been able to do that.We can prove young earth christians wrong, and fables like noah's ark, but i can't prove there's no god. If i could, i would.Astrology is quite different. It can be proven wrong through statistics.He provided forums for his blogs, I don't think I'm out of line asking about blog content.
  6. I just read one of the kid's blogs and he talks about how he and other leos usually get along. I find it hard to fathom that a very intelligent person like Mr. Negreanu believes astrology has even slight merit.How would planetary bodies hundreds of millions of miles away and stars light years away affect our brain chemistries enough to cause similar behaviors? It's utter nonsense.Also doesn't Negreanu get along with everybody? Not just Leos?
  7. I'm sure this has been asked before, so pardon me.But who are the overall losers in the big game? All the players make like millions at poker so where does the cash influx come from?Is it just rich flounders who join it every once inawile for the experience?Or are some of the regular big game players winning lots at lower limits then losing it at the big game? If so who are they?Hopefully someone who has some knowledge about this, can fill me in.
  8. How many coin flips has everyone lost in a row?I'm on a streak of 7 flips losses in a row. I'M GOING CRAZY!
  9. LOL funny responses everyone.But yah, you thought of something I didn't. If that situation ever came up, the deck is surely rigged. You are right.
  10. Some people don't know how to play these games at all.This is my short story of a really bad play.The cards were just running over me early in a 5 dollar double or nothing. I end up eliminating 4 players and have 8000 in chips. I then just min raise every single pot because i have so many chips i can risk it and I want to end this tourney as quickly as possible.Six players left.Eventually the chip counts are as follows:Player 1: ~1200Player 2: ~1100Player 3: ~1200Player 4: 200SB (Me): ~9600BB: ~1700Blinds are 50 and 100Everyone folds to me. I min raise with J6 of diamonds.The BB calls.Flop
  11. I was thinking of outlandish situations in poker and I came up with this one.You are playing heads up with a millionaire donk. You are only playing with fake money because you are broke as always.You have AsAcYou raise the big blind and are called.Flop comes AdAh6cThe donk flips over his cards and shows KhQh. He then pulls out a million dollars out of his deep cargo pants pockets and bets it. He offers you this deal: You can either match the bet with real money (which you don't have and can't get) or he will accept your life as collateral.So what do you do? Do you risk your life for a milli
  12. Hi, long time lurker, first time poster.So I was playing a NL HE tourney and I got into a half hour arguement with someone. It made me so angry I had to make a post about it. Here's the situation: (I apologize but I don't have a hh)I raise with 88.A shortstack reraises allin for just a tiny bit more.The button calls.Everyone else has folded and of course I call.The flop comes q36 rainbow.I am first to act and I bet.The button thinks then folds.The shortstack shows pocket threes.Turn is a 7, River is a JAfter that the button player starts berating me saying he would have hit his set of seven
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