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  1. Yeah I might have overreacted a bit calling it ''very fast'' but coming from a freeze out with 2 hour blind levels where I am often playing over-night it is quite a bit faster. I'll take the above advice of running good too......please
  2. I'm very much a small ball cash table player and I play the odd deep-stack tourney at my local casino however, said casino has introduced alot of re-buy tourneys that have very fast structures (45 minute blind levels) and i like to start playing in them. Blinds start at 25/50 with 1500 in starting chips with re-buys and add ons until 90 minutes in when they stop. Keeping in mind that im a fairly decent poker player with a good grasp of the game and that I genrally play cash games or deep stack tourneys, whats the best strategies for making these general ''shove-fests'' profitable?Thanks guys
  3. Not my notion i must point out, but Phil Hellmuths.He discussed this on poker after dark. If your at a table of say 6-9 people and feel like you can easily out-play everyone at the table, could there be an arguement for laying down aces to someones shove?Hellmuth said ''Why risk all your chips in a 4-1 situation against any two random cards when you can confidently predict that you will get everyones chips by outplaying them''I think Phil's tounge was firmly in his cheek but I thought it was an interesting thought and worthy of discussion. ???
  4. I just downloaded the Pokertracker3 free trial. Can anyone give me a step by step guide of how to start seeing results on screen etc? Thanks.
  5. Agreed with above poster. The flop is an instafold and as played I think the turn is definetly a check fold. At best your up against AK, at worst, trip aces from the CO. His cold call on the flop reaks of strength.
  6. God I hate when I hit an out that just complicates things! lol. But seriously I'm just calling here. I think raising opens you up for all kinds of bad situations. At best if he raises and has a legitimate hand you call and lose more money than you should have this hand. At worst your opening yourself up for a bluff on such a straight/flush laden board. Calling helps you lose the minimum.His bet looks weak though so I think we will probably win just calling in this spot.
  7. I'd say around 600 a day for three days after my deposit so far. After the three days I generally either cash out (most likely) or lose it all.I've read Daniel Negreanu's Hold 'em wisdom for all players, Super system 2 obviously, Negreanu's power Hold 'em (to learn all about small ball) and Phil Hellmuths one (waste of £8).I'm gonna sound like a noob now but whats rakeback?And yeah I guess stopping taking out my winning is a given.Thanks very much for your help
  8. I want to start building my online poker bankroll. I consider myself an above average player having read alot of literature on Texas Hold 'em and putting it into practice. I'm 18 years old and live in Scotland. I deposit £25-£50 every two weeks on PartyPoker and have moderate success. The thing is though, every time I go up about £40 then I'll cash it out and spend it on nights out. But now I want to grind my way up the limits and build a seperate poker bankroll to my living costs. I was wondering how I would go about that?Currently, if i put in £25, I'll put all my money on the 0.10/0.25c lim
  9. Agreed, a very gross spot. I think I like the turn check call. If he has a hand like AK or AQ I think he'll check behind possibly. And if not, we call down to the river. Keeping the pot small and losing the minimum if he has JJ or above.Thinking of that, I think it's more likely that your beat by either JJ, QQ, A8 or a flush but the flush depends how quickly he called the flop. I'm ruling out KK or AA here because of the lack of a re-raise PF. Anyway as played I definetly fold.
  10. Yeah lol I suppose. Mind you people only generally come on here when they've lost, cos when we win a pot were like friggin' Phil Ivey right? lol.I think if the blank hit the turn then it would be pretty hard not to get all your chips in there, as with the flop the raise PF hasn't defined your hand and the button (being very loose) might have even called with J10s so you could have him drawing. It depends on the speed of his action. If he insta calls when you bet the 800 I might have him drawing, but as you say the Ace probably did save you.
  11. I'm going to agree with Slacker here. I think the call gives us opportunity to fold should we get re-raised all in. But then again i've always been quite keen on Phil Hellmuth's strategy of trying to get as much chips behind you as possible to give you a chance to come back.It is stuck right in the middle of sure-fire decisions so I'm torn also. I think that the call worked out exactly how I'd want it to though. A re-raiser all in, fold. Everyone folds and the best PF hand holds up we still have chips even though we've lost 33% of our stack. Not a disaster, quick double up and were right back
  12. Yeah I'm gonna check fold here as played. I think your pre-flop raise is too weak and should be at least 400 as previously stated. This raise is great and exactly what I would do in a deep-stack tourney, but here you have to get your money in as much as possible before you get eaten up by the blinds with the structure being so fast. I think your PF raise is getting called by QJ, KQ, AQ, AK, that sort of hand so I think, as played, in any case, your in trouble by fourth street at least. It does suck but you can be happy that you lost the minimum in that spot.I don't think apart from the PF rais
  13. Go all in PF every hand for the rest of the tourney.JKDon't try and get tricky for the next few hands and fold marginal hands. If your on tilt with the nuts who cares?
  14. Yeah I had thought that when I made the bet and I did call his shove. He flipped over aces and the turn and river came 2h qc. So I lost alot of my stack and was down to around 500. I'm only 18 and still learning so thanks for the input guys (and confirming I made the right play eventually) was the semi-bluff raise right in the first place or should I have called to catch a card?
  15. Local tournament, 15 minute blinds, 5,000 starting chips, linds start 25/50 and double thereafter (not much play).Hand is folded round except for one limper to Cutoff-1 who is a TAG player and he raises to 250. I'm on the button and look down at 9s9c. I call, blinds fold and the limper calls. Flop is 7d 8s 10c. Limper checks, raiser bets 500 and I raise another 1500 on top. I'm pretty sure he has JJ or QQ. He pushes for about an extra 1600.What now?I did something but I don't know if I was right to do so. Your opinions?
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