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  1. Hey im thinking about playing in the sunday million on poker stars can anyone give me any info like how long it usually takes what is the payout like etc... Thanks for the help.
  2. also in everyone elses advice if you are in a race then your going to win 5/10 times and lose the other 5/10 times which means you end up being a break even player with this situation. In my way if his club doesn't hit on the turn he can throw it and only lose $50 and if he hits it then he wins $250 (if opponent isn't scared by club) which makes you end up being a winning player.
  3. ok all you guys think this advice is bad ok many of you have proven your point but all of you are not giving advice of your own all your doing is saying how bad mine is which i don't think is relevant to the original question. Bottom line all of you think it's bad advice ok so deal with it and give some of your own advice instead of just ganging up on me.
  4. apparently all you guys just read my first post and reply from that. I've said many times throughout this thread that in this situation you could either play it cautiously or put it all in the middle it really depends on the read you have on your opponent, whether you can reload or if this is your last bullet, or if your winning or losing. I just think this situation can be played out in several different ways.
  5. I'm not saying I wouldn't shove the flop especially if I didn't care about losing the extra $200 or so. There are many different scenarios though, if this is his last reload, if he feels he has opponent crushed with, like simo said, a lower flush draw or ace rag, then we might want to slow play it especially if he has ace rag and his kicker falls on the turn giving him two pair and you a flush. There are just way to many scenarios, I think to make a just decision.
  6. ok he was raised on the flop which means to me at least that the opponent does not have a flush draw or ace rag especially since he thought that the opponent would shove against a reraise or shove on the turn. so im pretty sure unless the read was wrong he has better than a draw or ace rag. im not here to get in an argument about this i usually try to mix my play up a lot and would do different things in this situation one of them being your advice but i feel in this situation I would check call then bet or check the turn especially out of posistion. Waylander what ended up happening?
  7. ok lets say he shoves on flop and gets called by a set, two pair, or or at best AK, AQ he's at best in a race to win the pot and I know I never like to get all may money in on a race.
  8. your mistake was betting on the flop. If you check the flop then your opponent will probably bet around $50 and then you can just call. At that point your not commited and can throw it away on the turn if a club or jack doesn't come.
  9. Thanks Paul for the info. You said something about a 24 hour pass but something about they must have run out if you could help me out in that respect that would be awesome to see what it is like besides the free sample.
  10. Hey everyone I bought Daniel's Book Power Hold'em Strategy and read through the entire thing and took a lot from it. I also have looked into poker vt and it looks like it would be a good investment. I was wondering if I would be just getting the same information or would it be worth buying just for the way the information is presented. Thanks.
  11. if I was in that situation I would check to the turn then if he check again I would bet out if he raised then I would throw it but by betting on the flop you bet yourself off the hand by checking you get more info on the turn
  12. Ok so yesterday I was playing in this poker tournament after just reading the sm. ball part of Daniel's book and I was doing really well with the whole small ball idea i was slowly building a big stack while staying above the average chip count all day. I made my way to the final table and was down to just me and another guy who was the chip leader. He had me probably 4:1 in chips and was really pushing me around. This happens to me all the time where I am way out chipped when it comes to a heads up situation. How can I still use my small ball approach but also be able to compete with someone
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