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  1. Well the software does suck balls, there's plenty worse out there though believe me.If all you're willing to play is .25/.50 you'll never clear it, period. I played three .5/1 tables at a time and blew right through it. GO with the .5/1 tables and just play ABC poker, you'll be fine.
  2. What if I want to use a refer-a-friend bonus with someone? Like if I refer a friend, would I be allowed to play that friend's account, or would the online rooms have a problem with that since in this case I'll also directly benefit from playing hands for him (since both the referrer and the referree benefit from the refer-a-friend bonus).
  3. Hi all,Do online poker rooms allow you to login on your friend's accounts even if you have your own at the same site? Specifically PartyPoker, Pokerstars, and UltimateBet. Thanks.
  4. What surprises me more is that people actually READ the bad beat posts and reply to them.
  5. I think he mentioned that this is only when they're out of town, when they're at the Bellagio they actually use 1-for-1 value chips.
  6. Seriously, at least when talking about the best no limit holdem players we can all rely on those few hands we see on TV. When's the last time any of you watched Daniel play 2-7, Stud, Stud H/L, or Omaha H/L? I'd really like to know how you guys are forming this opinion?
  7. Just wondering what's the highest NLH cash games casinos spread, not including "the big game". And besides the big game, are there regular NLH casino games that implement a cap? Thanks.
  8. Couldn't help but notice that Daniel's Valentine's day blog didn't include doing anything with his fiancee... (?)
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