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  1. Given the economic mess we are in, I was thinking it would be nice to have a President who knew how to play poker. It is a $trillion+ dollar economy, and he has to know when he is holding a premium hand, a trash hand, when to bluff, and when to fold. Perhaps most importantly, he needs to know how to pick up tells so he can figure out if someone is lying or telling the truth.I posted it on my blog, but it came down to this:MCain--knows how to play trash hands and come out a winner (see Vietnam)Obama-knows how to play pocket Ace (the guy is on a major poker rush)McCain--knows how to bluff or
  2. Agree you have to push here with A-K.One thought on playing A-K. Avoid calling with the hand...it's just a draw.Look to raise, re-raise, move all-in or fold. If you can get your opponent to fold that is the good when you have A-K. It is just a drawing hand.Here you can't call and you can't fold...so push and hope to double up+. It's about winning not surviving.
  3. If you are up against 5 opponents why bet so much on the flop? Bet $250 the min bet size to slow down your opponents (hopefully) and to see the turn card cheap. I'm not even sure your rooting for a diamond on the turn.When the turn is the 2--you have a set--why not move all in on the turn since you aren't going to fold to a raise and why not try to win the pot now.
  4. I think the fold is the right play. What are you going to do on the river when your opponent bets the pot? You don't have the Ace of spades so you are probably dead on the turn.They will deal another hand. Promise.
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