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  1. thanks to those of you who joined.thats it from me.
  2. for now yes sir!we are building up our facebook members first and once we hit 1000 members ill shove them to sogn up on youtube and subscribe! youtube doesnt want a bar of me till i have a 1000 members on facebook im only on 300 so i have to get that up then worry about you tube.usually you would do it the other way around, hit youtube hard and then get people to follow you on fb and twitter n myspce but i already have a goal to get the 1000 members so i can become a 'sponsored' member of youtube so im hoping this way is easier and faster then the other? who knows, time will tell
  3. all i ask for is help, its not spam mail its a guy who has an oppourtunity to make some money from an idea that alot of people like.ITS NOT FOR EVERYONE, but if you wanna have a blast at someone or something get on there go for it....(besides blasting me)its your call i am only asking for help.thanks
  5. i respect anyone's choice not to help, but im promising you its slowly taking off!!!i appreciate the new members that have joined.we are working on a an apparel deal.i think we all know what it stands for but ill spell it out just for funits calledTHE****LISTLOL I LIKE THE FORK LIST HOW MANY 80YR OLD WOMEN HAVE A FOR COLLECTION?FUNK LIST IS ANOTHER GREAT IDEA THATS CLASSIC
  6. did anyone of the viewers like the video? cmon i need some kind of feedback!
  7. Hey FCP peeps,i know its been a while since i have posted but i need your help.over the last month i have been working on a new YOUTUBE,FACEBOOK AND TWITTER page called'THE F#@K LIST'basically you go on facebook post what you really hate for example"F#@K OSAMA BIN LADEN CAUSE HE IS A LOW LIFE BOTTOM FEEDER"what ever your issue we wanna hear it and then the more people that like your post the higher you rank in the weekly rankingsat this point we are launching a weekly video of the top 10 posts of the week! you can post it on twitter and on youtube its self what ever you want.WHERE I NEED YOUR
  8. gotta love the rail birds.....should be a culling process for idiots!
  9. if that was all a gag then im sold............. that guy was pissed off and i would have done the same thing as daniel who here believes that was for real despite the fact it was a "gag"???????
  11. hey all i have never put a post in here trying to promote a game but now im going to.the friday night deepstack @ st marys poker dome has now got new everything all the dickheads (besides me) are now gone and they are really doing good things.its now a $55 buy in with NO RE-BUYS!!!!! and free food at the break for everyone.* 7 thousand starting stack* long blinds* next to no rake* featured final table* drink service* food service* free pub membership deals * massive prize pooli dont work in the place nor have anything to do with it but i just want to promote the tournys as it deserves a big tu
  12. this whole site is a dam us page!!!!!im thinkin about a game at my place next saturday night the 29th lets say live cash $100 - $200 $2/$2 blindskickin off at 7 or 8pm anyone keen??????im at kingswood (penrith) what do u guys think?runners so far1. irish2. lester3. justin4.?5.?6.?7.?8.?
  13. what the hell have i started???????????im now thinkin if any terrorist wanted to do some damage they should drop a bomb right here on this thread cause we have brought up every race in the solar system, even the I.R.A got a mention WOW!!!so maybe i should run the country!
  14. i can honestly say that the view that i have been drummed into my head is thisA- there a black neighbourhoods and whites ones and if your white your a dead man if you go thereB- there is no black neighbourhoods that have any class or hold any valueC- the only black people that make it out of the hood are the ones that play sportD- you have to pay to get medical treatment (here we have medicare a free bulk billing service to anyone)E- that gangs attack the innocent everyday and its not safe at night to walk the streetsF- white people are very racist against the black folkG- the police target bl
  15. thats why i say its not a racial thing more a "comfort" vs "change" race to the people
  16. yeah sooooo worth 5k in flights to come play a game im shit at
  17. mate i swear to you there is no "racial" attack here im only stating what the world see's from the news and the movies.
  18. guys everyone has something to say about this guy and being and outsider looking in i have no idea what the guys deal is but as an aussie i think that a black president could mean good things due to the fact that the blck areas of the us seem like absoulute shit holes and maybe he will go along way to helping the slums a better place.its just my opinion and really does not mean much but in australia the black population are 'aboriginals' who have been stereotyped as 'scum' and 'dirtbags' but a aboriginal priminister would be scary but i think a very good thing.is it jusat a case of 'giving bla
  19. 2. when you play blackjack and get QQ and see the guy next to you has JJ and you say "i put you all in"
  20. 1.when you order a drink from the bar and the waiter says "$4.90" and you respond with "im all in"
  21. i was playing yesterday and i woke up with 2's i raise and a guy calls my raise with aces!!!CAN U BELIEVE IT?where has poker gone these dayshahahahahaha
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