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  1. Thx for the help guys, but seeing that now PS came out w/ another reload bonus and PT3 doesn't work on Carbon I think I'll wait
  2. um...did I miss something? Someone care to translate?
  3. Alright, so I posted this at P5s, but I want to post it here too in case anyone here is familiar with CarbonSo I was looking at different places I could get rakeback in the US, seeing how I'm playing on Stars right now and had an FTP account before I knew about RB, and I stumbled upon an offer of 150% up to $1000 on Carbon for initial deposit. Right now I grind MTT SnGs between 6.50-16, but I have experience w/ cash (since I've heard the tournament volume there is lacking) and the $1500 + whatever I make + Rakeback sounds awfully tempting.So the question is, could anyone enlighten me on how di
  4. I don't know exactly how to adjust the bankroll requirements based on ROI, but I know that I expect to run around 20% 10-tabling at the 6.50s and make sure to keep 100 buy-ins, mostly due to the fact that they can be high variance. Over my first 500 or so of them I ran close to 30%, but over the last 300 that has dropped to 13%. That in mind, I've run bad late in these for the most part and that has led me to make some mistakes/tilt off in a few. If the guy doesn't tilt ever and plays perfect push/fold his chances of going broke on 500 would be less, but 42 buy-ins just isn't enough in these 4
  5. yeah, any good player would, but these guys just don't get it. I wish I could get away w/ less preflop, but if I raise less I get 3+ callers every single time. At this specific table I start my raises at 5x and add 1 per limper, but w/ the stradle I start at 6x and add 2 for each limper. Unfortunately its the only way I can get the pot heads-up, and with how badly they play big pots OOP I'm able to get away with it. His raise from the straddle would be the same if it limped around, this way I'm in control. Not a play I make all the time by any means, but it was interesting how this hand plays
  6. Here's an interesting hand that came up in a 1/2 NL live game earlier tonight.Straddled pot, 3 limps to hero (button, $162) who raises 6h7h to $20SB calls, Straddler (villian ~$200) calls.Pot = $75Villian had been raising his straddle often, I didn't want to limp only to have to call $20 more to see the hand, so I decided to take initiative and try and take down the already sizeable pot.Flop = KdTh2ccheck to hero, who c-bets $45. SB folds, Villian calls Pot = $165Having played many hands with both of them, I feel that I'd find out immediately if they had a big part of this flop (big draw or 2p
  7. Having talked with the kid about playing super-aggro hu players in the past, I'm pretty sure that checkymcfold hit Fluff's reasoning right on the head. If you listen to his exit interview, he says he was fairly card dead after the KK early on, and once he went 2+ hours of play w/o 3-betting I'm pretty sure he's not getting any action by 3-betting a big hand unless it's a cooler. Add in the fact that if Seth does 3-bet Dario after Justin either limps button or is in the BB and Justin has a strong hand he can easily get it in w/ his stack size (eg. the last hand). If it was me, I would have tilt
  8. WWSF = 45.80Yeah, I double barrel a lot more than the average micro-grinders, probably because I can't do more than 4 tables without going insane and therefore I'm able to pick up on players tendencies a bit more than a person who is 12-tabling. The only thing I fight myself with on a constant basis is being a calling station (putting the other guy on air and calling w/ A-high, which is rediculous at .10/.25), so I put myself in odd situations more than I'd like.
  9. Okay, so I couldn't figure out where to upload my graph to, so instead I'm just going to give you the stats to ask the question I hadOver 16.5k hands 4-tabling .10/.25 6-max NL my money won at showdown is LOWER than my money won without showdown. $W w/o showdown has shown a steady upward trend and is at just above $260, whereas my $ w at showdown is very swingy (I've lost a lot of set, 2 pair type hands in the last 2,000 or so hands), and is at about $230. Now, this equates to 6.56 bb/100, so I would assume I'm doing something right, but are these types of numbers standard?
  10. Great class in your exit interview too, sir. Hopefully next time people will see that interview and think of you as a nicer guy and not re-raise you 85% of the time you open a pot. The only thing I would've done different is draw seat 6 instead of being OOP on Dario. WP SIR
  11. Fluff to Dario "Don't you love playing against a shove monkey?" (referring to the guy who claimed Fluff was being outplayed earlier)NVM, heard it wrong
  12. AQo vs. AQo AIPF, Filtz flops 3 to one of his suits, then bricks. Chop up Dario's chips
  13. Thank you whoever informed the announcers of Fluff's experience. Hopefully things will get better from here on out.
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