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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if any players are intersted in a $5 or $10 Double or nothing competition on pokerstars. It can be for the month of April if we get enough interested. I'm willing to bet $100-$500 on the side if their is enough interest. Pm me or post here if your interested. It will likely just be most profit over the month without a set number of games unless other terms are agreed upon by players. We can find an escrow for the bet as well.
  2. I knew I seen this sng player around alot before but seriously. I've yet to see anyone on pokerstars that has as many games as him. He has just under 65 000 sngs played at the $20-$30 level and has 100k in profit. What a grinder DISCUSS
  3. Ok so the general consensus is that it can't hurt...Pretty great opportunity and Im going to take full advantage of it.
  4. So I've had the pleasure talking to a huge online pro who recently retired. He agreed to sweat some of my sessions on AIM pro. I don't want to end up being scammed but I'm pretty sure it is legit as I talked to him on pokerstars under his pro name and on AIM and watched him play high limits. He just plays casually now though. Anyways, he said if I get AIM PRO we can screenshare and he will sweat me. Is their anyway I can get a keylogger or him get my log in details through this. Please don't immediately flame me but I'm just wondering if I should take advantage of this wonderful opportunity w
  5. Played him in a $20 HU sng and was chatting with him and he said he was making 20k a day for a while and is only 18. His sharkscope shows him playing low limit HU sngs then played 3 $5k HUs in a day and lost like 12k profit....He said he's a pro and was beating up on Dario Miniari and Stevesbets. Anyone know if he is a big name or just a fish?
  6. 100% Clear cut fold imo. I'd be mucking AQ and AK here with the chance to end the tournament and not risk my life. Even if he doubles there is still three shorties left and then you can worry about applying the pressure. ICM dictates this a super easy fold.
  7. Since when do people wait until the year starts to post your goals, the whole point is the anticpation of the new year and a fresh start...
  8. It's that time of the year again. Flame away if you must but I know how everyone likes to post there yearly goals. Here are my 2009 goals:1) $10k in profit on sharkscope.2) Any form of star/being on the leaderboards on sharkscope.3) Successfully put in 1500 sngs a month atleast one month4) BONUS: First 5 figure score in a MTT. (Not a must)My goals for last year was simply to cash out atleast $10k from online poker which was completed, hopefully this years will be as well.
  9. LMFAO, you guys are so ****ing quick to flame people. I'm not CP83. In fact I work with a well known member here. yahaw. He can verify it's me and not someone else. It's a great feature for degens. I'm sure if a fish is just playing for fun they won't restrict themselves from limits anyways...
  10. It takes 24 hours to approve an increase or decrease in limits. I think it will help as I know when I've tilted it was after a bad beat and loaded up some cash games. If you have to wait 24 hours to do so I'm sure your head will be on straight and you won't feel the need to go to cash games...It's a start for sure.
  11. I was not spamming at all. I was legitamately putting up a stake offer. I merely said it would be through "X" site to help prevent rollers. Anyways, on the the real topic, I personally think this is a fantastic idea but pokerstars will probably loss rake to alot of the degens who decide to use that option.
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