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  1. Yeah I tri tabled once, it worked well, I got 1st, 2nd, 2nd. It gets a little crazy though when you get down to heads up. I'm tryin to stay away from cash games at the moment, they seem to always hurt me the most. It's prolly cause I play my sng style in the 6 handed cash games and its usually too tight.
  2. Alright so I just deposited $200 into Pokerstars and started to only play 1 table NL Hold'em SNG's. I've got 12 under my belf so far(not too many I know) of the $5.50's and I've cashed in 10/12 of them(3 1st's, 6 2nd's, and 1 3rd.) this is about $92 in winnings. Now my question is am I ready to move up to the $10 sng's or should I just continue to beat/cash in the $5 ones? The skill level is really poor in the $5 sngs and i'm wondering if the $10 ones are that much more difficult. I pretty much use the play really tight the first few rounds and let the idiots knock each other then I start
  3. Okay, so i've been playing online poker for about a year now at Pokerstars and have been playing either the $25nl ring games or the shorthanded limit games that are usually $.5/.1. This summer I managed to make around $500(this is alot to a freshman in college) but then proceeded to lose most of it by having spurs of massive tilt(and not paying enough attention when I was playing). I think my biggest problem was bankroll management. I usually would just buy in for the minimum of $50 and proceeded to redeposit when I would lose it, or I would usually cash out around $10o in fear of losing i
  4. Has anyone one ever been playing a small stakes NLHE with some friends and ever gotten yelled at for being too serious? This happens to me almost every time I play by this other player who keeps yelling at me because I won't talk much at the table and keep things to myself such as not showing hands. I was wondering how you guys block this out or am I being to serious for a small tourney with some friends? I just get really annoyed at how i'm told time and again it's just a friendly game and that"you don't have to act like a Phill Hellmuth at the table."
  5. Im interested in how to play this hand in late position and with no raises. I seem to just call with it most of the time as im afraid to raise with it because i might run into something bigger. Should I be raising with it or just trying to see flops for cheap with it. To me it seems like sort of a trap hand
  6. About once or twice a week my friends and I get together and usually play some $5 tourney's. It usually consists of 5-6 people and I know i could become a pretty consistent winner although I feel as my game is too tight(I play it like it's 9-10 handed). I think some of my flaws are with my starting hands preflop. For Example, This past weekend I was dealt K-Js in first position, I came out raising and got one caller. The flop was garbage and i bet out, I got called, the turn came another blank I bet out again and got called. At this point I was suspecting my opponent had a draw of some so
  7. I must get these kinda cards(A,6 A,5 A4 etc.) at least a dozen times during tourneys. I never know though when to play them because whenever i manage to pick up an A low card and i hit an ace on the flop im always worried about my kicker. When would be the best time to play these hands. I seem to be folding them often when theres a raise and like 1 or two callers. I think that these aces are causing a leak in my game somewhere
  8. If your crushing the .25/.50 on stars and going by Jones I may have to step down from the .5/1 on stars. The tables there arent that passive and i have to agree on the part about the draws and odds because i am running into the same problems where im not getting laid the right odds. Sometimes i even feel that a few of the .5/1 tables are actually looser than the .25/.50 on stars. I guess another read through of Jones' book can't hurt me so it it looks like i'll be going back to that
  9. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you, I also picked up Lee Jones' book and have found it somewhat helpful but i also believe it has you playing a little weak tight, although this is how you have to play in the lower limit rooms. Playing the small blind through my experience has shown some leaks in my game, i sometimes feel that i should defend them and sometimes i end up playing really bad hands that should have been thrown away from the beginning. You just have to be very careful on what hands you play because your position is really poor
  10. lol, yeah i shoulda looked at that twice, I meant to say that usually i'll be up in a hand preflop and be forced to fold if i don't have the nuts because of all the insane betting that goes on
  11. I recently just started to play .5/1 limit on pokerstars and i either get crushed or break even. Is there any successful way to taking on these games? I purchased Lee Jones' winning low limit holdem book and im pretty much playing by what he goes by but I seem to never be successful. It always seems that the fish win and im left with nothing.
  12. Don't waste your time and money on these video's, their not really that helpful, I would reccommend Howard Lederer's DVD's instead of Hellmuth's. Although your best bet is to start reading some books as that is your most of the good poker info is
  13. My question is that I rarely ever slowplay any hands that I get into. For example if im in a pot with 2 other people and lets say I have AK and the flop comes something like K-2-6 rainbow, should I be betting at this every time as I usually do in first position, or should i be checking this hoping for someone to bet into me. this is just a hypthetical situation in which i raised preflop and got 2 other callers
  14. Alright thanks I'll continue to dig through some of the older posts
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