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  1. Happy Birthday Fluffdog !!!!!!!!!
  2. Women write intelligent blogs with no spelling mistakes? OMG!
  3. I don't think his motives are solely based on personal interests either.
  4. I would ravage you Rose (and you too Kingjames).
  5. I have this sex tape I'd like you to comment on. Your sexy voice would make the tape much more enjoyable.
  6. To deposit on FTP via western union u also had to send money to a guy on the phillipines (Costa Rica for PS iirc)
  7. BG, would you be happier with 72 virgins or 72 cigars?
  8. Osama had to die, but I personally don't feel the death of a man should be reason for celebration.
  9. she's really hot on "Californication"
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