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  1. i'll leave for good once someone correctly answers the question "how many george brett"
  2. i would say happy birthday butneither of you little shits ever make me a birthday threadso **** you hope you spill your jim beam
  3. do i count as newoh god what am i doing back here i haven't played more than 5 mtts this year
  4. why? i think he's a real hoot
  5. The free chips (at least in late 90s when I went a ton) were beast
  6. Implying Uno and Gino's are better than Giordano's? HA.I preferred Edwardo's back in the day anyway. I got a couple Chicago places by my house that the owners instantly recognize me when I come in and bug me for 30 minutes every time, beast pizza. But Uno is ****ing terrible.
  7. Are you Brian Scalabrine, and was it Ray Allen calling you? WTF kind of pizza are you eating that does that in Chicago boy? YOU BEST NOT BE EATING ANYTHING BUT STUFFED.
  8. for shits sake reallythey finally give an opportunity for phil and i to have a decent prop betand on my birthday no lessall of my doj hate is back
  9. ITT tanner does not understand the difference between gross and net
  10. 2 User(s) are reading this topic (0 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users)2 Members: KosinTrouble, lurbz3 days i've been waiting for you to post something, anything3 DAYS, KID
  11. i just ****ing saw this post**** you good siryou are a ruffian and a scoundrel
  12. Sweet is really the last poster on FCP who has not peaked in his humor capabilities.Go forth, you're our last hope.
  13. all of my hateyou have itdns redirect to howmanygeorgebrett.net tho and you have a deal
  14. Just follow my lead. Everyone will like you. Trust me.
  15. does it hurt to know that i value mercury's opinion more (just slightly) than yours
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