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  1. wow, can't believe clinton edged out obama in nm.hurrnado on ftpthanks
  2. wait... i think i have the same picks as albertoflaming0, except that for New Mexico i picked clinton instead of obama?
  3. Alabama ObamaAlaska ObamaArizona ClintonArkansas ClintonCalifornia ObamaColorado ObamaConnecticut ObamaDelaware ObamaGeorgia ObamaIdaho ObamaIllinois ObamaKansas ObamaMassachusetts ClintonMinnesota ObamaMissouri ClintonNew Jersey ClintonNew Mexico ClintonNew York ClintonNorth Dakota ObamaOklahoma ClintonTennessee ClintonUtah ObamaObama 13, Clinton 9
  4. um... where do you live? on top of mt. everest?
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