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  1. Probably worth noting that there is no mention of UB or AP there.Press release from FTP : http://www.pokerplayer.co.uk/news/latest-n...te_back_up.html
  2. Good news for US players ...steps are being taken to get you your money (second link is much more easier to get information from)http://www.justice.gov/usao/nys/pressrelea...greementspr.pdfhttp://blogs.forbes.com/nathanvardi/2011/0...eir-money-back/
  3. Netteller cashout came through this morning after more than 100 hours. Still awaiting direct bank transfer to hit account but it's not taking any longer than usual yet.
  4. I wrote three shitty limericksAn employee of the FBI,On a break from getting real high.Indicted stars and Tilt,Hoping to find some guilt.And we've nothing to do except cry.There was a young lawyer from New York,Who was tired of eating substandard pork.He decided, enough!Using laws and stuff,****ed us all in the ass with a fork.Some lawyers thought one day for a joke.They'd stop the fun of lots of honest folk They took away their money,Which we didn't find funny.Now we can't afford hookers and coke.
  5. I think it peaks somewhere around the word Buick. After that it goes rapidly downhill until the last line which certainly finishes it with some gusto.The whole poem is a little disjointed. The subject matter is online poker yet 50% of the lines are about dogs, birds of prey, cars and lord of the rings characters. Also a typical rhyming poem has couplets of lines which rhyme, not quintets.I have a little free time so I'm attempting to write a limerick. Proving quite hard so far.edit - also there's no real tempo to the poem
  6. You should the rest of it a go. It gets better (then worse)
  7. Not yet. That usually takes a couple of working days. Will report once that happens.The limbo between cashing out by that method and getting the approval email in the past has only lasted 10 minutes. This time it took about 40 hours.
  8. My direct bank transfer from Stars just came through. Was the biggest of my three. So relieved right now.
  9. I don't have moneybookers but I tried cashing out some to netteller which is usually very fast and it hasn't been processed (15 hours)I also tried some via direct bank transfer and via visa to my bank account but nothing there yet either. All the emails do say to allow 72 hours for processing.It looks as if the whole process has been stopped or slowed down a lot on Stars end. There are reports on 2p2 of a few cashouts to moneybookers/net teller/visa working for some non US people.
  10. I think the last place you want your money right now is in the hands of a payment processor. (For US people - for the rest of us I've no idea)
  11. a lot more perturbed now than i was 10 minutes ago
  12. We're almost certainly gonna be unaffected.edit - still a little perturbed by the whole thing though
  13. It's cash games, tournaments, transfers and i imagine cash outs for all US players. There are still a few US players at the tables but they were there before everyone started getting excluded ~ 30-40 minutes ago.
  14. Never fold. There will hardly ever be a better spot than this. He possibly meant to bet 1380 not 13800
  15. I think you played it fine preflop and on the turn and river. On the flop I might consider folding considering the player to act behind and the fact she? overbet into two people.
  16. Sarah's has a brutal payout structureI think Steve's with the 1 cent rebuys unlimited up to 100k chips is my favourite
  17. Was just about to post this.There are also 5 1000 FPP instant cash $16 bonuses in the store (if you are a silverstar)
  18. thanks allWas a reasonably profitable mornings grind:9 tabling 6max LHE at the end for 90 minutes straight was probably one of the toughest sessions I've palyed. Happy I'm such a luckbox and it paid off
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