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  1. FWIW, my first 1100 hands today looked similarly \, but things are getting better and, while not quite robusto yet, my graph has been doing this for a while: /.Keep your chin up graph brother!
  2. I would crap a turtle. omg i hope i never get blackout drunk near a tattoo parlor, bcuz i would so do this.
  3. I'll be a little weirded out if you get a lobster tattoo, fyi.
  4. I think we should all get C thread tattoos.Just sayin.
  5. not a super big deal, so dont feel obligated to if you dont want. Just was curious.
  6. No, most of the time I think it is pretty meh, but I am excited to watch this week's cash game w/ the CR guys.
  7. Significantly fewer hands + not a spewy donk in nonSD pots like me + lots of other things other things = you being a much better player than me.That being said, I am up currently $250 on you for the month and plan on making more than you in Feb. Very nice graph too.
  8. Thx. I'm still hoping to hit 60k hands for the month, altho I am obv off pace. Sustainable graph onetime?
  9. http://www.cardrunners.net/ for video sneak peak
  10. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Garth Brooks when drunk?
  11. This. GG Jesse! Lol stop being silly. On a side note, what about neither of us posting graphs for the next week (or remainder of the month or whatever) and seeing if we truly are joined at the poker hip? You can't buy suspense like that.
  12. I'm not quite sure what is going on here, but I feel compelled to go out to a store, try to find you some, and ship it to you.
  13. yes, yes it was. thx all for the congrats. glglglglglglglglglglglglglglglglglglglglgl!
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