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  1. Aren't you the guy crushing souls as of late?
  2. I've gotten about 6 chat bans.If you make a Final table and you're chat banned email support with the subject line "URGENT", make up some bs about wanting to discuss a deal, and they'll give you your chat back for an hour or so. I've done it before.
  3. It was? Take better notes while watching Dr. Phil and stuffing your fatass with ring dings. I'd never ask for sympathy from any person for any reason. I'm not some pussy crybaby who gets offended over the internet like you. More money than I'll ever make in a year? Thats a pretty bold statement. I probably wont make money off of poker but thats not all there is in life.Sorry Ray, I'm gonna last longer in Life than you will. Go wish death some more, Karma's a bitch, a big fat bitch (I'm sure you're familiar with those you prick)
  4. staaaakee meeeeeMy reasoning: I didn't make a thread asking for one.
  5. Well I can see why what I said came off like an *******. I was pretty wasted last night, I meant I wanted to see more than 1 hand, and was taking a shot at ultimate bet sucking, not TJ. Don't care if you think I'm full of shit, but why would I shit on one of the best players on the site who I have nothing against.edit:I did listen to you though, just ate like 7 slices of pizza and I'm feeling quite stuffed.
  6. I'll Stack you in any tournament you want.
  7. loooooolGood one. But I probably would be good at BR management after my debocal that was 08.
  8. I'd love an $11/hr job, but im in school so moving is out of the question. [x] would not relocate for $11/hr. . .
  9. Maybe its the alcohol but i just realized how funny my avatar is.Its gotta be the alcohol.
  10. wait a minutethere were commercials??loldrunkamanets.
  11. yeah dude. My superbowl Parlay was the first bet I've won in about 3 months!! as little as it is im pretty happy about it!!
  12. Who cares what happened, ship me money for no reason.
  13. Oh look. Its you. You only seem to post if its taking a shot at me. . except this time I really dont see your line. (if there even is one)
  14. go fitzyHopefully u have a better night than the other fitzy (fitzgerald)
  15. cant believe i DLed ultimate bet for one hand. . . dunno who took the worse beat on this one.ah well GG
  16. I was screaming "ARIIIIZOOOOOOONAAAA" in the streets barefoot after that fitzgerald TD. . . Unbelievable finish, unbelievable game.
  17. This was the best sporting event i have ever witnessed in my life.And not just cause i won my prop bet on that Fitzgerald TD /brag.
  18. Blasphemy. Only reason to not smoke pot for a week is if you're tight on money. Like me. [x] FML
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