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  1. king.. ready for a pittsburgh march madness choke again?
  2. so i think we need to brain storm on how to get fcp back to form... IDEAS? where did everyone else go?
  3. lol obviously..idk because everyone pretty much left i thought and i stopped playing online poker just going to school and delivering pizzas. the american dream.
  4. lol @ kobe bricking 2 straight free throws in crunch time today.
  5. IN 750K GUARANTEED!!!!
  6. I'm sitting pretty in a satellite to the 750k gtd.. WWCD obv.
  7. i'm finna satellite into the 750k gtd and then get a big score. i will do my best to make full contact poker proud.
  8. of all people poker players should know about SAMPLE SIZEhttp://www.82games.com/gamewinningshots.htmIf i had 300 game winning shot opportunities I'd make a few too.
  9. Fold on the river. Make a better read than that.
  10. lol it's statistics, not opinions.
  11. I never said Carmelo was the better player or that the Nuggets are the better team. Carmelo is a better late game player than Kobe... END OF STORY.If you wanna argue it then do it, but i will destroy you.
  12. carmelo game winning block. lol at derek fisher trying to create his own shot for the win let alone against carmelo.
  13. carmelo is a better late game player than kobe.
  14. Where is the respect these days??I wonder why there aren't very many posters on here anymore...Just deleting threads for no reason.
  15. I was thinking like bold as in brave, adventurous, etc, but yes your statement is bold.
  16. What are you talking about? That's not the secret forum.
  17. if that's the case, they should just ban me.
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