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  1. I would bet about 33% and find out where I'm at. If he calls I more fearful than if he raises. Grinder is an aggressive player but if he flopped a set he is going to value town on the river. If the river is a blank I would check call again trying to look like I wanted a cheap showdown. Grinder is going to fire with most of his range, we know he doesn't have AA -AK or he would have raised preflop to keep the blinds out. So he could have AT-A2, KQ-K2 Qx or a small pair. If he flopped a set and is slowplaying He is going to try to make a bet you can call since the line you took will make it look
  2. Daniel my family shared a prayer for your mother, we hope she gets well soon. Its about time the USA had universal health care. I went through the same thing with my own mother who is now 84. She is still living in her own house taking care of herself. I hope and pray that your wonderful mother does the same. Best wishes Mama-granu Get well soon!
  3. Not much you can do, you got your money in good its just another bad beat story. Now that I've heard yours you wanna here how my Aces got cracked by 9,4 off in a cash game when he whiffed the flop and I shipped it? I didn't think so, shake it off like dust and keep on keeping on, the same guys that do that pay ya off big in the long run.(thats why I like cash games) It sucks, kick, scream and sign him up for the Donkey brigade but really "thats poker". Now please send $5 to my pstars account for being so understanding and listening to your bad beat story.LOL
  4. In a freeroll avoid the early maniacs who shove any two early. Once the blinds reach around 75/150 you can begin to play suited connectors and speculative hands from position. Use a HUD if you have one to identify the high V$PIP players and expect those who played like maniacs and built stacks to continue to play bad. Very often they will have the chip lead and finish no where near the money. Don't call and allin postflop with less than two pair against any but the true maniacs. Bide your time and those guys who got all those chips early will spew them like mad trying to bully the table. It ta
  5. I was a member of the first incarnation of FCP(prior to the online poker skin version). I have always read thru all the incarnations I just wasn't active in the forums. I do think one should gain some experience in a lot of situations before repeating silly questions or dispensing what may be flawed strategy or advice. I am now a winning player so I feel a little more qualified to post. Daniel sent my son an autographed photo years ago after I emailed him and told him he was my son's favorite player. When the site changed the first time I kind of thought it was a disaster and I didn't check in
  6. Daniel I just got to watch(DVR) the WSOPE after the Super Bowl. You ran really really good! You played 5,3 clubs against AK flopped a boat and you were still lucky enough to have a king hit so you got paid off big. The one thing I don't get is the guy with AK is a huge fan of yours, why did he jam it with one pair when he had to know that flop hit your range hard? Here's a belated congratulations well done! (I am now standing and doing the wave)Good luck in 09!Now did you tip the dealers that dealt ya those mini monster hands?
  7. I got my own answer from pstars. Here it is.Hello Ron, Thank you for writing us. The answer is that just as in a brick-and-mortar casino with a real deck of cards, our "deck" is randomized and then dealt. Once randomized, the order of this "virtual stub" is never changed throughout the deal. The cards that come out on any given round are totally independent of any player action. The use of a burn card in brick and mortar casinos is to prevent illicit actions on the part of the dealer, and/or to prevent the use of a "marked deck". If a marked deck is in use in a card room, a burn card ensu
  8. Can you verify this? It would ease my mind. I ask for and received their explanation of the RNG and I find it confusing. Enlighten please?
  9. Just wanted to comment on online poker being rigged. I don't believe it is, but I don't like the way pstars RNG works. It reshuffles by mouseclicks and the card can change based on who calls(mouse clicks) etc. Meaning that two outer on the river might not have come had you bet differently or clicked options. Doesn't make sense to me to not have the deck be shuffled once and cards burnt and dealt like live poker.
  10. I suggest you pay for POKERVT, you'll learn the strategy and why its so effective. There is no two paragraph answer to small ball, you try to avoid being allin and play hands that turn into big hands like suited connectors. If you encounter resistance get out, weakness take it down you have to have position to be effective. The donkament tourneys on stars everyone limps and calls any small raise so its more effective in a bigger buyin tournament. You can play some smallball once the DONKEYs have either been knocked out or aquired huge stacks. Pay the money for Poker VT, learn from someone who
  11. Don't see anything in this post about POSITION! Suited connectors OOP is a dangerous gamble. You can flop the nutz the board can pair and your out. I would play them in late position only unless the table is passive.
  12. Gotta agree with ya Joe, I have done well at those levels but they still make a lot of mistakes that Daniel doesn't make. There are players there that can play with him but the level as a whole is soft.
  13. Daniel kicked some serious arse his first session of .2/.5, he tripled his starting stack going from $5 to around $14 give or take a few cents. I thought the table was soft except for one guy. I was really impressed with his reraise allin with A,3 on a board full of overcards. Very impressive Daniel! Daniel commented he thought the table was tough, I didn't think so since he mostly got away with min raising, on the hand that he made two pair (A,3) I thought sure he had 4,5 the board was something like 23KAJ maybe the the river was lower but the cutoff played very aggressive on the river,
  14. Isn't 5bb per 100 hands a bit low? I think something in the range of 7-8 BB per 100 hands is fairly common. In my own experience I average just a little over 7 in the last 20k or so hands in my new database. I have had short term spikes above that but I haven't been below that in a while. I am asking, not bragging, I really would like to know the numbers for most successful micro players. I must also add that my success has been multi-tabling I never did have much of a winrate at single table play(I think I get impatient. What do you thing the $VPIP preflop raise % and aggression factor should
  15. You are so right, I took a beating tonight not all from playing 25NL, I multitabled some low priced SnGs($6.60) and had aces cracked multiple times. I was taking a shot to raise some extra money for a trip to DC(I have two tickets waiting for the inaugural ceremony). Oh well back to .1/.2!
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