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  1. the reason i want to play them is i could play twice as many as them as the regular ones so therefore could make more money IF they still require a good amount of skill
  2. I had the same problem as you with full tilt. You may be able to get full tilt to cancel your current one which would be the best option. My first account was under my dads name so I made a new one under my name but made sure the addresses and emails were different (made up a fake address on the account with my dads name). With regards to your question about funding your account, I am pretty sure that you can use the same credit card or neteller account to fund the account. I have used the same neteller account and havent been found out yet.
  3. How do you find them? Is there a high skill level too them or is it mainly a crapshoot and down to luck? Do you make good profit from them?
  4. full tilt poker. they are on most other sites too
  5. I have came across a site where they have regular 9 seater sng's aswell as turbo ones. Lots of the people on the site play the turbo ones. The turbos ones take 30-40 mins to complete and the regular ones 50-70 mins to complete so it is not a huge gap. On another site I have been doing very well playing regular $20 sng's.My question is, if i have been doing well on the regular sng's how well do you think i will do on the turbo ones because the turbos are down to more luck than the regular ones arent they?
  6. Do you mean that it is a different world trying to get to the $100 level or it is a different world once you move up past the $100 level?
  7. I started playing $10 9 seater sit n go's and was doing very well so I moved up to $20. I have been doing very well at the $20 level too, making about $1000 profit over about 250 9 seater sit n go's. My long term goal is to be a winning player at the $100 level. Do you think this is possible? How big is the skill difference, are the players at the $100 level that much better? I am moving up to $30 or $40 very soon.
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