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  1. Actually i think it is "differently abled".
  2. "otherwise, yound males in America are mostly not going to get sick enough to need insurance. "Your house is very unlikely to burn down, but I still see having insurance in case it does as a good choice. Even the best pokerplayer should put away money for rent and normal expenses before he take his money to the casino, just in case something goes terribly wrong you are still in decent shape. I like gambling, but to gamle on your health just because you are most likely to not become very sick is just stupid.
  3. It is a difficult situation though. The government are responsible for the well-being of anyone in their care, and inmates are certainly in the care of the government. So even if this murderer is a piece of **** he can only be sentenced in a fair trial and according to the laws of the nation, and taking away medical assistance would be considered "cruel punishment". If you are in prison you have no opportunities to get a job or make money on your own, so you cant get medical insurance the way people on the outside can. It would be very cruel to let a person die from astma just because he happe
  4. With 75% percent of your paycheck going to the government through various taxes I would hardly call it "free". Or it is free if you dont contribute much to society, but for people who make a decent income the hospital-stay has already been paid for because of the sick tax system we got.
  5. So I guess that only homosexual judges are qualified to make rulings in cases that deals with discrimination of people based on their sexuality. Only female judges has a saying in cases that deals with gender discrimination. And all cases that deals with Native Americans should be sent to the offended tribe for a decision. Good to know that it isnt racist to claim that only people with the same skin color as yourself has a valid argument.
  6. He is obviously a f###### racist, and he owes all of us an apology. That is so insensitive by Chapelle. Doesnt he know that 1.000.000 white European worked as slaves in Africa a few hundred years ago? I thought we were beyond the time when African peopel could humiliate us. I am outraged.Well..I am not. It is true about the European slaves in Africa though. I still dont find it offensive. Maybe I need to take some crybaby-pills...
  7. That offended me because the "Swedish" girl was wearing lederhosen. Lederhosen is not a part of Swedish culture, it is German or Swiss. People are so ignorant, thinking all blonde Europeans are the same. By the way..it didnt offend me, it was wrong, but who the #### cares?
  8. I havent posted much on this forum, but I read it occasionally. And while it used to be a poker-forum it has turned out to be just another Democraps vs Repelicans forum lately. And its not like people are trying to agree on aything either, its just propaganda from both camps over and over again. And for no good either, because it seems like everyone has made up their mind a long time ago. I do not agree on Mr. Negreanu on most of his political views, on the global warming issue I am unsure, because I dont think anyone can forsee what the consequences will be. But I am pretty certain that Danie
  9. To be honest, I didnt watch that show. But I read about the incidents in the Norwegain newspapers. And it did indeed seem like there were some racism going on there. This Indian Bollywood-actress were humiliated because of her accent, and thats not cool any way you put it. And no, it is not similar to what Daniel did in his Video-blog at all. Daniel was trying to portray a Jamaican, while the people in Big Brother ridiculed this poor woman because of her heritadge and her accent. Danial was just trying to play the role of someone who happens to have a different skincolor than he does, while th
  10. Eh... You do know how the Native Americans first got to America? They walked from Asia to Alaska and further down because it was an ice age, and so much water was in glaziers that N-America and Asia was linked. So the Ice Age was actually responsible for the first Americans to come here in the first place, so I guess not "everybody" died.
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