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  1. What would you do here? (I am " Themistocles" )Game #2227823926: Table Paseo Del Mar - $0.25/$0.50 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo - 2:03:16 ET - 2007/04/17Seat 1: Themistocles ($47.40)Seat 3: delcharger ($15.50)Seat 4: tallcooldj32 ($61.05), is sitting outSeat 5: BAV1 ($50)Seat 6: HOWAMIUP ($29.55)Seat 7: captainpants ($20.50)Seat 8: allin agin ($20)delcharger posts the small blind of $0.25BAV1 posts the big blind of $0.50allin agin posts $0.50The button is in seat #1*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Themistocles [Kd Ah Kc 2c]HOWAMIUP foldscaptainpants foldsallin agin checksThemistocles raises to $1delcharg
  2. Yup, I apologize for using the wrong forum.By the way, the other guy had Q-9 of clubs and a 5th club hit... and it was on the 2nd hand of this MTT which happened to be a sattelite I've been anxiously waiting for, the whole day...
  3. I am -Themis-. All comments welcome.Hand 122,029,757, Started at 03/29/2007 2:51 PM (EDT)Table 'Lawrence': 20-20 No Limit HE (TournamentChips)Seat 0: MrFourier (2.320 in chips) Seat 1: ilias43 (2.820 in chips) Seat 2: dimip722 (2.720 in chips) Seat 4: prokas (2.470 in chips) Seat 5: BILLGREEK (2.430 in chips) (on the button)Seat 6: TnTheGreek (2.480 in chips) Seat 7: bisbiki78 (160 in chips) Seat 8: dzorbas (4.750 in chips) Seat 9: -Themis- (2.350 in chips) *** Blind Bet Round *** : TnTheGreek : Post Blind (10)bisbiki78 : Post Blind (20)Dealt to -Themis-: 9hDealt to -Themis-: Qh*** Pre-Flop *
  4. In general, what strategy do you adopt when you play Fixed Limit O8 at a cash game, against 3 or 4 people?Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. I've got my money, everything's OK. Thanks a lot!
  6. and,how exactly does razz cause "frustration" ???Razz is another fine form of poker
  7. I requested a small withdrawal (about $230) from my account but it has been pending for more than 24hrs, so I called Live support.There, I was told that I should contact the manager Anyway, what is the manager's email , does any of you guys know?That's weird...
  8. Once, I got disconnected in the middle of a MTT. At the time, the whole Full Tilt software crashed. Soon later, FT sent out emails to all its members, refunding everyone who , at the time, had been playing at a tourney or was involved in a cash game's hand.However, I sometimes get disconnected from FT. Their software had been much more unstable in the past, and thanks to some updates it can now handle heavy traffic. It seems, though, that it has some bugs.I guess that when it comes to a single disconnection of a player, I dont think FT would make a refund. Thats because there can't be any proo
  9. When you own a Poker Room, having BJ tables is possibly one of the BEST ideas for you!Reading this thread reminded me of some horrible nights. Very few, but so painful. Trying to built a bankroll, losing a small percentage of it with a single poker bad beat....And what's the most suitable (?) and easy (...) way of gaining back your loss? The small BJ icon on the top of the poker table is only a click away....Ok, I'll deposit $20 to earn back the $20 I just lost. Oops...the dealer keeps getting BlackJacks to beat my pocket Tens... Oh well, I'll get him now! I'll deposit 50$ and play $5 per hand
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