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  1. Believe what you want, but there is no diffrence between 3 * (2/3) / (52*51*50/6) and 1/11,050. Explaination: 3 ways to chose 2 aces out of 3. 2/3rds have the As hidden. Total number of 3 card hands 52*51*50/6.Multiply my first figure with 4/9ths and you get the chance of the high spades being hidden.
  2. Dunno if its right. But I think this is in the right neighborhood.3 card combos: 52*51*50/(3*2*1)AA(A) combos with As: 3As hidden: 2/3Ksx(x) combos where x not Qs nor one of the 3 Aces: 47*46Qsx(x) combos where x not denoted above : 45*44Combos of 3 players: 63*2/3*6*47*46*45*44 / (52*51*50/(3*2*1))^3 ~ 1 / 42000
  3. Good to see you agreed with the push. Been getting in trouble just about every time i push shortstacked with marginal hands. This hand BB woke up with ladies and I was history.6 (or so) hands earlier: Blinds are T1200/T600, ante 75. Ive got a stack of 12k chips. Im in BB and its limped to one of the bigstacks who opens with a mini raise on the button. (A play which he would likley do with just about any two cards.) The other big stack at the table calls in SB. Action to me Ac9h in the hole. There is 6600 in the pot. Both have limped called pushes with very marginal hands in the few hands
  4. Down to 24 in a small buy in NL MTT. All but 4 players has less than 10 BB and alot are really short stacked. We are past the bubble but only top 7 pays descent. Im in 14th with T10k with blinds just dubbled to 1k/2k with a 100 ante. At the 8 handed table there are 2 big stacks(>T30K) just to the right of me which both has played every hand of the last 10 (since i got transfered to the table).Limping or mini raising preflop every hand. (In the process sucking out KK with J7s all in preflop an so forth.) Other than that the table seems very tight.On this hand they both fold and I see my ch
  5. You are 19th in chipcount with 27 player left in a 556 entery limit hold'em tournament. Since the buy-in is small ($5) the pay out is significant only for a top 7 finish. Finishing 25th or 10th doesnt matter to you. Blinds are 4k/2k with a 250 chips ante and your delt pocket kings in late/mid position(UTG-2) with 8900 chips in front of you on a full ten handed table. There are two big stacked early postion limpers ahead. You have have noticed, in the about 10 hands since arriving at the table, that they have both have been involved in a lot of pots and have on numerous occations limped
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