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  1. Granted I don't know the BB from adam, but he didnt come across as the kind that could be all that deceptive. Im probably wrong and he'd take me for meeellions.
  2. yeah, i feel kind of red in the face now:) After posting, i went back to watch the peticulars, and blinds were only 15k-30k. Oops:) What a donk bet with AK from the BB, especially since he had position
  3. Was watching hour 8 of the ME, one of the first hands where PF raises in the SB with AK and the BB comes over the top with AK.At first it would seem like an easy lay down for PF, but for anyone that watched it, didnt the BBs chatter make it an easy call? He goes on and on about how he knows he has PF crushed, and then when PF says Im sure you know what I have, the guy says AQ/AJ... So he thinks he has me dominated, and the hands he picks to dominate me are AQ and AJ? Doesnt that scream 'I have AK'? I realize its probably a harder decision when you're actually playing for 12million pesos, bu
  4. with that kind of emotional stability, i can see why you're a poker player.
  5. pretty easy fold. You're up against atleast 1 made hand (KJ most likely) and then either QJ where he thinks tp + oesd is a good hand, or 999. Either way, you're at best drawing to 2 queens and 2 tens.
  6. I, of course, considered the fact that someone might have the ace of diamonds in their hand, and that someone could have AQ or Q9. The reason I sort of dismissed the higher flush draw is this: What did they call on the flop with? It couldnt have been Ad Qd, we have the Qd. So the only logical conclusion is Ad xd(with x being whatever x was on the flop?). Is someone calling $21 with bottom pair and a back door flush draw? I dunno. As far as AQ or Q9, again, you're calling 21 on a gutshot, so the only one that that really makes sense to me for is villain 2, since he had the bet and a call
  7. you have TP (which is probably no good) and an OESFD... You have 8 outs to the absolute nuts (any ace any 9) and 7 additional flush outs. So we're looking at 15 outs, and you have 217 behind with the pot containing about 237.. You're getting 2.5-1ish to make the call, which is the right price, since you're at worst 30% to win this hand with one card to come.. I probably push, however.(Yea, Im guessing 5 people will come after me and tell me why its wrong to push here, listen to them, not me )
  8. top pair, straight, and a flush draw?I could see:KQ/Q9(heh) (no spade), Ksxs, JT no spade here.Either way, I like the turn fold. 3 people all in, online pokah, you know some of your spades are dead.
  9. Yeah.. no reads on the villain? looks something like either 78 (was more first thought, till i reread op and saw the pf raise), or JJ/TT... I think JJ is more likely. He bet the flop with an overpair, got called. You could have just about anything as all you've done so far is call. The turn came a jack, giving him top set; he checks, rep'ing something like AK or tens, a hand that the jack is a scare card of.. hoping you'll take the lead. You do. The river comes, he doesnt want you to check behind him, so he makes a pretty small bet, giving you better than 3-1 on your call, with what he h
  10. Big Ben just had shis appendix removed. He's out for this week (and probably longer, though Im sure most of you dont care beyond this week). Glad I didnt place the bet yet, hope the line moves towards the phins now.
  11. Thanks for the welcome, long time lurker, first time poster.Anyhow, yeah, I guess I got the gist of what he was saying, but I don't play poker in a vacuum, so it didnt seem to have much real world application.
  12. Forgive me if Im over simplifying this, or if I sound like a complete moron.. But isnt the % of hands played far less important than the number of bets we win in the hands we win, and the number of bets we lose in hands we lose? Obviously, if we play too many hands we'll be spewing chips unnecessarily, but I don't think you can formulate an optimal strategy based solely on preflop play? =/
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