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  1. I don't know you from Adam, but the point of posting hands in a poker forum is to improve your poker game. You seem to be saying, 'lol how can people criticize my play, this guy is a total moron!' If you can't handle/don't want criticism of your hands, I don't think posting them in a public forum is the right direction to go in. I doubt many, if any, people in this forum are 'giving you an ass kicking' out of personal reasons. I've looked over 2 or 3 hands that you've posted, and they are all very bad fundamentally (which is worse than making a bad read or making a bad play due to tilt), a
  2. Also, if Villain turns up with like AA/KK here, I don't really *hate* it. Its hard to tell what table dynamics and game flow is like in these situations. I would be fine 3-bet calling OOP against someone that I felt was 4-bet bluffing me if I had a big hand. As for hero, I don't see the point in betting this flop. If he has you beat, he's never folding. If you have him beat, he's rarely betting (unless he's an aggrotard, but then you're inducing a bluff instead of value towning yourself)By the way, when I read the title I had a witty retort, and I was going to not say it, but after readin
  3. Without any reads, I would struggle to find a hand that I feel we're getting 3 streets of value from (that we're actually, you know, ahead of). My standard, admittedly nitty line, is to check the turn, and then get an additional street of value on the river. (also, I'm smart enough to hit my jack on the river and avoid crappy spots like this)I don't completely hate the fold. Donks usually wake up on the turn, and one of the straight draws got there. However, it is 10NL, and I don't think I could beat 10NL because I'd never be folding a pair, let alone an overpair, to anyone there.One weird
  4. Nice adjustment on the AQ v KQ hand, Cobalt. It was eerily similar to a hand we played (same positions and everything) last week, where you ended up with 2nd pair and I had top pair. I knew I should have folded the river, but I'm a donk and just went with my standard line. I got you back later, though.
  5. I understand nothing about poker, so any advice is welcomed.That had nothing to do with what I was saying, though.I was saying that in rush poker, people spaz out to smaller raises on a much larger scale than at just a normal ring game. I'd like to hear more about ranges and post-flop edge, though.
  6. Yea, this is an interesting side effect. There's obviously a lot of bad play at normal 50, 100 and 200NL. But, for some unknown reason, in rush people do completely insane things. I think, perhaps, the quick pace of the game intensifies the tilt factor for some players. It's moving so fast that you don't realize that you are losing your mind. Example: I hit a set over set against a reg. Over the next 5 minutes he 3-bet jammed over my normal opens with QTos, 98s, and 47os. I have like 5000 hands on the guy and have never seen him tilt before. Also see a lot more really insane bluffing
  7. Yea, that was me. That was really well played by the JJ guy. UTG opens, UTG+1 3bets, he CCs in MP, UTG 4-bets, UTG+1 shoves, well, they both have AK, I'm a huge favourite!But, to your other part - the swongs in rush are the worst. You can be having a great session and in the last 15 minutes dump off 3 buy ins without even noticing. Or, you can do what I prefer to do, and start out stuck 10 buy ins, go into hyper tilt mode (which works surprisingly well in rush), and get it all back quickly. Definitely helps raise your pain threshold.small edit: I would say the swongs are mostly due to t
  8. So that IS you playing rush. Saw the name a lot lately (but now at 100NL, so I guess you've moved up?), was wondering if it was you. You're not all that much fun to play against, but its somewhat offset by the whole 'reset dynamics after each hand' set up. As for Iron Man - yea, Rush, especially if you can play during rush happy hour, is really a great way to keep your status. If its a day where I'm not really in to playing or the tables aren't good, 30mins during happy hour for the 200 points, and then save my heavy grinding days for when I'm focused.14th month in a row of Iron level, hol
  9. that was pretty awesome. He looked good, too. Maybe Sid and Flower can trade positions for a game next year, let MAF get beat up for an hour while Sid lets in softies... ;D
  10. okay, so full disclosure, I had never heard of this eklund guy until draft day when i was using twitter to follow FA, and someone mentioned him and at that point I followed him because I knew nothing about him. Then I noticed a lot of anger on the intergoogle towards him so I started looking into it. How is this guy popular? He's a liar and a hack... He steals from people. I'm pretty sure he's touched someone (maybe only himself) in the no-no spot), shouldn't he be in jail?I only bring this up because of the tanguay stuff, now he's going to detroit, e(something) just kind of sad. Feel ba
  11. seems like a lot of people agree with Bob Clarke... more dumb people roaming the streets than I ever imagined...http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=668903
  12. sorry, was Talbot's recovery time 3-4 months, so only 1-2 of the season? Too many numbers in my head:)
  13. who do you have on the 2nd line for the first 3-4 months of the season, Kennedy?
  14. Petr Sykora isn't coming back to the Penguins. He says coach Dan Bylsma -- a former teammate -- is jealous of him, so he's been treated badly. "When the coach does not want Sykora, nothing can be done," he told AHA Daily, translated by LetsGoPens.com. Sykora said when he and Bylsma were teammates, Bylsma "drifted around" as a fourth-liner, while he, a younger player, was on the top line. "Now the roles got reversed, and from the first moment I had a feeling that he let me 'eat it.' "
  15. good stuff from Havlat...http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=284740
  16. Also, was this a firing or a neutering? What i heard then read last night at like midnight was Tallon was fired, now I'm reading that he's just be kind of stripped of all of his power, but will still get a pay check. I'm not saying that its that much better, its still weird timing and rather unceremonious (and the Blackhawks are saying that the RFA thingy was a major contributing factor in his firing/reassignment), but atleast he'll still be gettin paid!
  17. Well, if it is a 'bringing in their own guy' situation, it seems like the timing is really bad. Why not do it after the season ends, instead of after the draft, FA, etc... and then after the old GM makes a pretty embarassing mistake. I'm sure it won't matter much in the greater scheme of things for the Blackhawks.
  18. cant believe Tallon got fired over the RFA thing... bit harsh.
  19. Wait, there's still a buzz? Wilson and Burke didn't do their, 'listen, we want to win, but the team is going to suck, okay?' bit this off-season? That was perhaps the best thing ever last year. It was so good the Blue Jays copied it. And if the Hedo signing doesn't work, an outgoing Brian Colangelo might use it, too.
  20. What they need to do is have Jason Blake get amnesian, think its 2006 for the first half of the season so that Burkie can trade him and get something legitimate, and then somehow move that awesome Jeff Finger contract. I wouldn't move Kaberle, either, because in 2 years, when you have the team you want, you're going to be saying, 'gosh, I wish we had Tomas Kaberle'. Although I think his contract is up in 2 years, so maybe they can trade him, but Burkie can give him a non-tampering wink wink nudge nugdge, 'hey, comrade, come back in 2 years, sound good? okay!'Right, Mats? Thats how you help
  21. I had never heard the Hossa song before... :DThe new starbuck's drink, the Hossa? It comes without a cup?zomg lawl.
  22. Good point. It would be interesting to see what Crosby would get from the leafs or habs in an uncapped world.
  23. sigh, i know that. I guess my wording is wrong. Anyone can look good with those people on their roster. He has looked good doing the little things to improve his team and keep them competitive. Just putting those players on the ice won't win you a round, let alone the Cup. I should have been more verbose.
  24. After calling for his head 2 weeks ago (Just kidding), I have to say, I'm really really impressed with the work Shero has done over the past couple of seasons. Yeah, yea, anyone could have drafted Sid, Geno, Staalsy and Flower, but his work with contracts, getting key pieces to sign contracts under market value to be a part of a winner, etc... is all really nice to watch. A lot of GMs that just won the cup might go out and sign a winger to a 7.5 million dollar contract in the hopes of continuing the winning ways, but in the end, that move could come back to bite them if that player were to p
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