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  1. I've been repeating this for the last few days in every post ive made around the web.. or so it feels like. Check it.. If he does have the spades and bets the river, you can call and take a lesser hit. If he has a middle pair (66-JJ) he might bet a harmless rivercard, and you get money out of him.. betting the turn here, your gonna get called by hands that beat you 80% of the time. And that 80% your a 5:1 dog at best. Check it, and call the river if he bets resonably. The advantage of checking here is that you can suck out on the river for free if your beat. You get a free draw to a 2-5-A-Q..
  2. I agree here. But I do have a few issues with how the hand is played both preflop and on the flop. First off, your raising with KQo from UTG+1 into an unknown player in position. If your going to do that, i suggest checking the flop, if your not going to play top pair.Secondly, on the flop betting 5.5 into a pot of 7.5 is a bit too little, id bet out 7 here, and if he calls, check/call the turn almost regardless of what comes. The reasons for this.. if he is calling with a flushdraw or an 8X or somesuch, your increasing his mistake. Secondly, he'll be less inclined to call with a middle or und
  3. Hey guys...Ive been following the forum and the video blog since the start of WSOP 2006 and i finally decided to come inhere and be part of the pack. My first thread here is gonna be about the idiotic structure which ill be facing for the Danish championships.. For those of you who dont know, Denmark is a small country of 5.300.000 people in scandinavia just north of Germany.The turnament structure is like this... max 110 people start in a "satelite" to the final days where u play down to 12 people who go on to the main turnament. This is because the casino is too small to be host to more than
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