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  1. If you want to "win the tournament" I think you have a better chance heads up then in a 3 way game.... Right?
  2. Up to 11K had 88 4 way pot flop 478 turn 3 donk cant fold 1010Edit up to 15,500 I had AA and made quads he cant fold QQ for 2 pair.. i talked him into itEdit #2: Up to 18,900 guy has 88 and i have 10js it all goes in when i turn top pair, op ended str8flush draw and it all goes in
  3. Another one of America's youth is hooked on poker!! Awesome! you don't need to learn, all of that stuff is for wimps! The real money in the world can be made by tp/mm since you are obviously good enough to forget about school and profit from your 5 dollar tourneys in the back of a burger king kitchen, so a 50 dollar tourney def seems Like a good idea to build your bankroll. Good bankroll management, you must have been paying real good attention during those classes that showed you how to manage your money!
  4. I see now hes creating dummy accounts to promote himself... Nh Jack you keep getting worse....
  5. Every thread I like that Ive started always has some lame *** who tries to put me down/ruin it
  6. Man I never thought Id see the day that open=farrell was matched!!
  7. Because they are the funniest things on the net. I can view like 30% of them with a mac for some reason and I want to watch things like the AK hand..
  8. Your post had wayy to much logic to rival the above 3 of my poll.. Sorry
  9. Can I get some components to fix it? Can I force it to run on another player Like WMP?
  10. Your a newb just like I am too...I think his post was a bit of sarcasm... Im just as certain of it as I am you rival pharrell in the IQ department....
  11. Looks like Jack felt the peer pressure and gave up the avator. The new one is somehow even more duchebag, but never the less nh!! :icon_clap:Oh and BTW 124 posts is quite a lot for a joke account. If it is a joke account thats even more pathetic then if he really is this big of a looser.
  12. Like the genius he is, Jack will keep disregarding everybody's logic!!!! Come vote for him in my pole so we can settle this once and for all! NH Jack NH
  13. OOOOHHHHH you seem quite knowledgeable.... Tell me more!!Edit: It has come to my attention this post does not make sense to everybody so this edit is for you Jack Harris.... SW!! THIS POST IS SARCASTIC IN CASE YOU DONT UNDERSTAND SW nh Jack Harris nh
  14. Good call I did tooEdit: Thats the first smart thing you have done all week!!
  15. I couldn't think of a more enjoyable thing to do at 2:30 am..
  16. Can anyone help me at all here?? lol not a single response..
  17. Thats ****ed up... he made a mistake on every street there
  18. 26o = 6k in your pocket!! No he has no chance of winning!!!! Gotta work the counter jinx to still give you a chance
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