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  1. Mine arrived two days early last night, just paged through it so far but looks good.
  2. I got an email last night that my copy shipped from Amazon on the 20th and I should receive it on the 26th.
  3. Where are you in MN?nevermind I just saw your profile.
  4. A guy that plays in my homegame tried to get in to an 18+ room with a fake ID, he was caught, they photo'd him and told him to not come back until he was 18 and 6 months old. He never made it to the tables so who knows what would have happened.
  5. The poker room at St. Croix casino was run worse than many home games I have been in, they did offer a NL game but other than that not much action.I have heard the dealers at Canterbury in MN talk about the NL games at LCO casino in Hayward.
  6. How about when you bust out from an online tourney?
  7. I usually don't draw too much attention as the hundreds of people left are more interested in their own situation instead of seeing who busted out 458th out of 500 :wink:
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