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  1. For Vancouver, then I am guessing your heading down to Riverrock? The action is pretty good there, Johnny Chan Classic happening soon?
  2. Aren't pokerplex, littlewoods and interpoker from the same network? Also, they offer the same amount of MPPs for raked hands. So the bonuses should be all the same then?
  3. So I am planning to sign up for the bonus at either of these two sites. I think they are both 100% deposit bonus? I was wondering what would be the better choice with a first time deposit of around 50$? Which of these sites has the better rake back?Please let me know so I can make a good decision on which site to play.Thanks for any help.
  4. Hey Anthony, I hear from PokerNews Recap of Day 1 that you survived day 1, pretty good man. Keep it up, build your chip stack slowly and do whatever it takes to make the money. Best of luck!EDIT: Hey Anthony, how did you do after Day 2?
  5. We'll be cheering you on Anthony, keep us updated daily!
  6. Oh really? Are there any poker rooms for some of the lower limit players *cough* myself.
  7. I'm a Canadian, and just looking to play some poker So right now, I am thinking of playing over at Sun poker. They have a nice monthly bonus.
  8. So, from all those smaller sites, what would you recommend, and why? I'm looking for a first time deposit of about 50$ and want some good bonuses and rakeback.
  9. So I am looking for a new poker room online, since PR has been a disaster Lol. I was looking for a site with a 100% first time sign up bonus. Bodog USED to have this bonus, I contacted their support and they no longer offer this. So, this means that I might have to head to FT now? I am pretty sure FT has the 100% first time bonus.
  10. Anthony that was a pretty good poker you played. Good job, and hope you learn tons from DN.Goodluck!
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