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  1. But thats where the main problem lies, the translation of the word Hustle changes from one side of the Atlantic to the other. As i stated earlier in the US it seems to be a term for outwitted, outplayed, outnegotiated etc. You say the word Hustle over here in Europe/UK/Ireland and it pretty much means cheated, conned. So when you say 'i concede he got hustled', we're all in agreement, but our translation of that term differs hugely, IMO Ram got cheated and was naive thereafter.
  2. Interesting question arises. Who comes off worst? The Hustler or the hustled victim who refuses to pay?I think we may find that the answers will strongly differ from one side of the atlantic to the other. (maybe not though?)
  3. There definitely seems to be a huge contrast of cultural gambling beliefs in the debate which is very interesting. In the States hustling seems to be a term for a succesful angle shoot with every edge exploited by any means necessary. In Europe the term 'hustling' pretty much translates as cheating, lying and deceit. To the Americans the Euros stance may seem naive, to the Euros the Americans seem vicious and the actions of a scumbag. Strange really, but all i know is that in my area 'the hustler' would be leaving the golf course with his kneecaps in his pocket (for what its worth).
  4. Louth. Yeah i played the Open, didnt last too long though.
  5. Daniel, i really dont see why you are getting involved in this situation whatsoever. This whole debacle is tarnishing the reputations of the players who actually played already, i dont see why you would actually want to be dragged into it when its going to tarnish yours. Im not sure if Phil dragged you into it, or you forced yourself in but IMO your opinions arent exactly what this situation needs right now. Your blog has single handedly turned this private heated debate into a huge topic of discussion in every single heavy populated poker forum on the net. I know you're going to bounce back w
  6. omg he better pay up quick then!!11, da pro mafia are coming for him!1i highly doubt Ram gives a flying **** what any of the above think to be honest. They all heard the one side of the story before hearing the other.
  7. eh? im not even a member of the Hendon Forum Mob but basically anyone who's opinion supports Ram on the issue is?
  8. im on Rams side in this one, great to see him finally come out and defend himself
  9. The blinds have increased to $60,000-$120,000 with a $15,000 anteSWEET MOTHER OF GOD STOP IT
  10. indeed, surely even Daniel will be critical of the structure for this particular WPT event. Less chips in play than other WPT finals yet same accelerated blind structure and size of blinds. Its a bit sick.
  11. if you say so, just a little too reckless in my opinion
  12. who could forget his TOC performance. "DONT YOU DARE RAISE MY BLIND, I'LL GO ALL IN'. Next hand he does just that with J3o, Andy Black called him with A7 and it was night night.he is wreckless to the point of insanity
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