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  1. I'm sorry BUDBUNDY, I totally got the wrong impression. For some reason I thought Sam told you that I will be paying you back (thats why I was livid, i thought he was expecting me to pay you). I can confirm that he has mentioned to me last week about clearing up a debt. If you have AIM, pm me your name and we can chatjc
  2. Wow I'm pretty F'n livid right now that he has dropped my name.... We use to chat along w/DOINSUBLIME a while back. But ever since the whole drama with "Vegas Room" as Steve mentioned. He vanished after that (no long on AIM).
  3. I know Sam and I have no clue about this "paying back" issue....
  4. anyone liking the titans todayi like the cowboys today -4 vs the titansup to 30.gl
  5. two, gledit: what site do you get your numbers from. i think we should all use one site. What ya'll think ?
  6. just shipped 10 for yesterday, gg.lets book both, gl.
  7. I'll take nats for 10. Was the amount I shipped last night right?
  8. I'll take lad,phi,nym, and tex/oak under. GlEdit:10ea
  9. glalso looking for up to $10each.i want..As -1.5Angels -1.5Nats +1.5just reply and its booked.gl
  10. i'll take...atlanta +1.5 for 50washington +2.5 for 50UNC -7 for 100.glgl.
  11. gotcha, lets just make this game 30 and also gl w/the pool.
  12. i'll take UNC for 25. do you want me to ship the 30 now or should i wait until the end of this game?
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