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  1. I appreciate the sentiment of your post, I really do. I am trying to push you to that point, just on a super high level, so I'm sure it just looks weird. I have been pushed my entire life by some of the fiercest competitors around. They showed me what it meant to work with a lot of intensity and focus at a very young age. As a result, I dominated every aspect of life until life was life. And even after all of that, I have realized that people can help you realize your potential, but passion through love will push you harder than any one person ever could. That's what's lying in my heart
  2. I am going to have used gambling to catapult my long term happiness. When are you going to stop asking me to beat you or stop trying to beat me?
  3. I agree that they can be separate. But the kind of results I look for require it to be personal or else Ill never have the heart to do what's necessary to be successful. Really, I just want to be happy. I think that's the ultimate goal for everyone that has one. And normally I have very lofty goals and high expectations for myself and my results. So if I am going to be happy, that means I normally have to work really hard over a very long period of time to be happy. If I didn't, I probably wouldn't feel very good about my results, just lucky. Honestly, although I would feel a sense of rel
  4. I think we've established that being as flexible as possible at all times is most efficient. But I think the more significant the goal the more resistance the world is going to give you to get there. So, when we have lofty goals, with world class results, the world is going to need thousands of hours of efficient focus, and hundreds to thousands of failures before success. And if we don't commit ourselves to our disciplines with that sort of dedication, with that sort of resilience, it's not likely, if possible, that we are ever going to achieve the RESULTS we are looking for.
  5. I wasn't really talking about golf. This is about doing whatever it takes to be the man you want to be. When I wanted to be a poker player, I gave up everything for the game. And I busted myself over and over, working crazy hours in menial jobs just to keep playing. When I finally was able to support myself and thought everything was perfect, variance would repeatedly destroy hundreds of hours work in heartbeats while less competent players were trumping my results. When I finally came to peace with the game and worked my way out of that, I lost everything I had to FTP. When I was forced
  6. For a man to break par, he MUST be willing to shoot hundreds of rounds above eighty. If he is not prepared to shoot big numbers, he is not prepared to shoot small ones. How many rounds are you willing to play before breaking par?
  7. < 3 = ∞ How can you say that? Stop saying things. If you need to ask for forgiveness, you will not be forgiven. Just because you do not see the shapes I see does not mean they do not exist.
  8. Everything you want from me here is already in this thread and has yet to be acknowledged. I am going to stop posting now, becasue We've already played this match before, it was at Torrey Pines South. And I don't play those games anymore. After the match, I told you how to be my teammate and showed that I was willing to wait as long as it took, and I meant it. But we are not going to become teammates in this thread, and I am still waiting.
  9. All I can say is that you have made a lot of bad assumptions, and you do not understand what's in my heart. And until you do, you are going to continue to try to beat your brother at a game he is not playing. There is nothing I can do or say that's going to change any of that. I Love you.
  10. Any man that I would say represents me like your father represents you lies within my heart. And I represent him. So he's at this table, already. I know where your heart lies, which is why you are my brother. But you, brother, do not yet believe in where my heart lies. And all I have been trying to do since right before our match is to show you. Our match, and what happened that day, should be indicative of exactly what's going on, but I can't make you see or believe anything. You are responsible for that.
  11. You have misunderstood me. If you think that I am choosing to walk , without you, beside a man I do not know because I think he's better than you at ANYTHING, you have severely underestimated me, my Love, and my long term goal. THAT is not my fault, and to blame me for it is offensive. But not nearly as much as to accuse me of not truly understanding Love. I give you the Love you need, not the Love you want, because I know the man you want to become, and I am doing my best to Love you in a way that is most conducive to doing that. As a result, not only do you unrightfully judge me, disrespect
  12. And fireproof material made of diamonds
  13. My entire draft for this post was deleted as I uploaded it because my iPad died. I want to begin by stating that Love is the foundation on which my heart and soul are built, and as a result, I am 100% in control of my own happiness. So lets talk about what that means. One, I am not living out of alignment. Love being the foundation of my heart and soul, I can easily "profit" from anything that I Love. I never thought that was in question. I Love golf, more than I Love poker, so whether or not I will make money, or how much, from the game is completely up to me. I didn't answer this qu
  14. I think this is a good time for this post. Games are beautiful. I mean, really, really beautiful. Think about it. Think about How much love can games create, whether you're playing board games as a way to bond with people close to you or develop relationships that are new, or playing card games with strangers that over a few hours can feel like family. People sympathize with your defeats, and you theirs. People love to see others succeed, even at their own expense sometimes, if you bring love to the game. If you're playing games alone, against yourself, or against the game itself, you can
  15. Brother, I fell a little ill this evening and have not been plugged in til now. I am going to bed, but I will gt back on it soon.
  16. I don't think the exchange ends so beautifully.
  17. Because when I play it, I can't win.
  18. 1-0. This has left the world in ruins, and it will continue to do so until gameplay becomes more valuable than victories. I have spent my whole life ruining things, And I don't want to do that anymore. I just want to play.
  19. Why do you get to realize I'm speeding faster than I get to realize you're speeding? I have played this game a million times, and the end is never what you think. Complex Games have always had more than one solution. But most often games are played within games which limit the number of solutions dramatically. And we are both playing sirens.
  20. I was asking to what end will we be playing. And why can't I do that drawing one?
  21. Sometimes in games there are multiple solutions. But once the solutions exist, they are in competition with each other. At that point, the game is new, and the solution to the second game, which is also the solution to the first is the true solution. In HULH people argue that the bot playing in bellagio is playing the solution to Hulh. But if I built a bot, my bot would win more money. So what good is a solution to a game that produces lesser results of a different strategy? Which strategy is really the solution?
  22. And I would love adding a clock to this match....!
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