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  1. Hi,Daniel usually isn't one to hide his opinion about something, ESPECIALLY if poker tournaments are run incorrectly in some way. I have heard from various sources that Harrah's is messing things up royally (big example are the cards obv.) in various ways and I'd like to know what Daniel thinks of how the WSOP has been run so far. grtz,
  2. Poker is just as under siege in the US as it is in Europe, if not more. Also, food is not a reason not to participate in tournaments in Europe. If anything, food is much healthier here than in most Vegas casinos. So if it is indeed true that DN doesn't play much in Europe, I suppose this is because of time constraints.
  3. Nothing like a good old troll to bring out the not so dormant patriots. I especially love the 'without us there would be no europe' comments. It's like a Cuban style censorship of education, only subtler. Who cares if DN plays in Europe or not? If he plays in Germany, do you think all his Euro fans will come see him? Who cares what your IQ is? Most IQ test are in some way biased or flawed anyway, unless you get it done properly. Which in general is only done for education or career options. I've had test results ranging from 110 to 160. They're a joke.
  4. First off, I'd like to say that I've seen the first three seasons of the Wire and they were awesome (albeit somewhat difficult to get into). What I don't get is why people are saying you have to pay attention so much or you will miss stuff. What exactly will you miss? For shows like Lost there are a lot of easter eggs and small clues in small things, but I haven't seen anything of the sort with the Wire. It's a great story, with great characters but why exaclty does it need ones undivided attention?Also, what's up with Buffy? I have heard and read many people who watch quality TV shows (imo ob
  5. Yeah I thought it was pretty funny as well...
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