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  1. Nail Yakupov took a big hit tonight and is out with a "possible concussion". Hypothetically does he still go #1 if he misses the rest of the year with a concussion? I dont think an NHL team would want to take that risk first overall...cant see him dropping that much though. The coach also made a big deal about the hit being dirty. The hit was definitely a head shot but with Yakupov leaning forward I dont know what else the defenceman is supposed to do.
  2. Only forward that played less than Kulemin in the 3rd was Rosehill. I never would of thought with his style he would all of a sudden drop off...amazing how much he has struggled this year. I hope they actually put Ashton in the lineup tonight...I dont see the point of having Brown AND Rosehill in the lineup.
  3. I think id rather see them get a top 3 pick then sneak into 8th just to get swept by the Rangers. We all know they will tank and then win the last 5 games and finish 9th though.
  4. "fa·nat·ic (f-ntk)n.A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause."
  5. I dont really agree with what you said about Luke Schenn. This is his 4th year in the league the Leafs cant afford to give him the rookie treatment forever. I feel similar with Kadri....it would be nice to give him a regular spot with the Leafs even if he struggles but they arent good enough to do that and still make the playoffs. What you said about Gustavsson is bang on...all year hes been put in a position to fail. They were showing the Leafs practice live when they were talking to Brian Burke on tradecentre and when Gustavsson let in a goal he slammed his stick against the post even though
  6. Waaaaay too much for Gaustad....this VAN/BUF trade doesnt make much sense either.
  7. Id love to see Burke have the balls to be a seller at the deadline.
  8. I know the coach would be blamed if the Leafs were taking too many penalties so I don't see why Wilson doesn't get credit for having a disciplined team. I also saw you mentioned Wilson messing with the goalies as a reason for the poor play. That may be true but these guys are professional they shouldn't struggle just because there's competition. Having said all that and trying to not be influenced by this poor performance....I think its time for Wilson to go. I have believed for a while that Wilson isnt the terrible coach that everyone seems to make him sound like but this team sucks in big ga
  9. Im a big Grabovski fan but with what we are seeing with the Hemsky and Ruutu contracts I wouldnt mind seeing him get traded. If its gonna take 5M-5.5M and 4+ years to sign him I dont think its worth it.
  10. Starting to get a little suspicious that the Leafs seem to be so popular in these votes. While its certainly not the worst thing to be on a list with the Sedins, Kane, Kovalchuk etc. I cant say I have ever have been watching a Leafs game and thought to myself Kessel is letting intimidation affect his play....especially to a point where he got double the votes of any other player.
  11. Leafs had a delayed penalty at the end of the game and Gustavsson touched the puck outside of the trapezoid to get the whistle.... shouldn't that be another penalty?
  12. Eventful first period....on an unrelated note when is the last time youve actually noticed Tim Connolly?
  13. Not saying I believe the rumors....especially since they are started by people with no inside information but I guess I could see it happening. Cant see anybody trading for him and paying him all that money so if he gets released it wouldnt be that expensive to sign him.
  14. I actually think the Eagles will be pretty good next year.....the 49ers might be worth betting on too as well if the Peyton Manning rumors (based on people thinking the 49ers would be really good with Peyton Manning) are true. They should really make Family Day on the monday after the superbowl.
  15. I really dont see how this is a huge issue....its not like the Blue Jackets stopped playing and the Kings put the puck in the net. Its definitely not right but I dont see how this is any worse than a goal being disallowed because of a phantom goaltender interference call or an early whistle.
  16. Tough decision in net for Saturday against Ottawa...Reimer was good but also lucky and it wouldn't seem right to ignore the past month and forget about Gustavsson.
  17. Be nice...this is all they have. They get drowned out by Leafs fans at their own arena.
  18. I thought the Lupul/Connolly/Kadri line played well together although its tough to tell against a bad team. With Armstrong practicing again the Leafs are gonna have a decision to make....the cap hit says he should be in the lineup but I dont see the benefit of taking out Kadri, Crabb or Brown. Although its a possibility someone else gets injured by then.
  19. I was watching tennis today and the linesman? called a ball on a serve in and then corrected themselves about a second later and the commentator mentioned it and that was the end of it...got me thinkingHockey is pretty much the only sport where the official has to decide in a split second if its a penalty or not...the only other comparison in major sports would be soccer or basketball but they can take a second to let it play out first. Even in football and baseball with a history of stubborn officials its no longer uncommon to see them gather and make the right call. Im sure it happens all th
  20. Kinda surprised in all that post game "analysis" they didnt even mention the officiating. Did any non leaf fans watch and think this also wasnt that big of a deal?
  21. I know technically it isnt against the rules but that second goal doesnt make alot of sense. Your not allowed to kick it in but if its kicked and slightly tipped to the point where you need to see a few replays it counts....doesnt seem right. I thought while the Ottawa player probably didnt do anything to get out of the way he was clearly pushed in on the first goal. Ive seen goalie interference called for less on the second goal. Ill take the crappy calls this game if it means the battle of ontario is finally exciting again...the Leafs havent really had an intense rivalry for a few years.
  22. This whole situation seems crazy to me....no way this needed to happen. While I dislike Montreal they were an overtime goal away from beating the Bruins last year and now theyre making major changes. I dont particularly like this trade from either side.
  23. Quite frankly I dont really think anybody cares about Georges Laraque or his story so I guess he had to say something out there to get some attention. If performance enhancing drugs were as prevalent as he makes it sound like they are I would think somebody would test positive. By not fault of their own NHL players are the least educated in sports I just dont see a huge number of players going through this process without getting caught.
  24. As it is I dont hear too many people refecting on this....things would be very different if the Leafs werent doing so well though. Looking back I think Gionta would of got a suspension if we knew how long Reimer would be out.
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