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  1. pretty valid, but I think it was a pretty shitty trade to pick up PU
  2. Yup still confusing as Skinner scores his 19th goal to lead the Sabres into first place in the NHL..Interesting to see what sort of contract that Skinner is going to demand.
  3. Its tough one..Too much money meaning we cant sign Marner or Matthews? I dont think that would happen..I dont think an extra $1.5 million a year is going to make that much of a difference IMO. Its tough to get a fair trade, it could turn into a disaster.. However the WORST case scenario is he doesnt sign by Saturday. Sits out the year and walks on July 1 as a UFA..That would suck
  4. It’s a good day when Matthews is in lineup. Willy cmon
  5. AM 34 says he is ready to play Wednesday..This is great news. Can Willy be too far behind? Do the Leafs hold a triple headed press conference to announce the signings of Willy, AM34 , and Mitch? Its exciting times to be a Leafs fan. I think back to the 80s and most of the 90s when there was no salary cap and we were printing money, why couldnt have these assets then? We can sign them all and then get even more assets and just win Cups? Management I guess
  6. Howard is getting roasted on the Leaf message boards..
  7. I have never had it come up, but it would be interesting to see if you can use it as income on mortgage and loan applications. It would make sense yes
  8. They are scared to drive. Snow scares them. Lol. But good advise.
  9. Yes most of them grew up in California and have never seen real snow..lol
  10. They keep asking me where they should stay or how they should get there..I said you guys need to take the kids to Toronto and probably the Hockey Hall of Fame , but staying in Toronto and driving there isnt convenient..I doubt there are hotels in Pelham to handle a hockey tournament of that size
  11. Waiting for my phone to blow up with the Nylander signing, I think is wishful thinking.
  12. While its been a very tough year for Adrian's team he had a pretty big tournament this weekend in San Jose. It was the Silver Sticks which a huge North American tourney winners were to go to Canada. We didnt qualify( his younger friends on the Peewees did however) So Adrian's stat line for the weekend.. 2-1-1 110 shots against ...3 GA.... 0.75 GAA .973 Save percentage with 2 shutouts (shots were actually more, as one game the scorekeeper wasnt paying attention) You would think that would be good enough to at least make it to the final of a tourney..Unfortunately the team scored a tota
  13. The Peewee team from Fresno won a Silver Stick Tournament and the finals are being held in the town of Pelham. So they are going there in January. I have been chosen as the official guy to answer all questions related to this..I have never been to Pelham, it looks like a very small town and an interesting place to host a large tournament.
  14. anyone ever been to Pelham, Ontario...Somewhere in Niagara region
  15. My info was wrong. It does look like cash
  16. It’s actually not money. It’s $50000 in groceries for a year.
  17. I’ll take topics discussed to death for $200 Alex
  18. I hate losing..This feeling has been rare this year..I am on rage..Tilt..Triggered..I hate Nascar
  19. I also lost in week 1 with the Saints. Now they are a super bowl contender if not THE team to beat.
  20. Possibly but just enjoy the games as played..Its pretty exciting. A game we probably should of lost last night we won on pure skill and talent last night against a very very good team. Without Matthews and Nylander(or whomever will replace that roster spot) is pretty impressive. The game i was at live , the Leafs were throughly outplayed , outshot but Freddie stole a game and the skill took over when it needed to..Winning the close games, when we would lose the close ones in the Kessel, JVR, Phaneuf, Bozak era..( i know I defended Burke and the roster back then)..Its night and day.
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