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  1. but then i'd never have a chance, even if i don't sleep i have to go to work
  2. side bets, how long will this thread last without a server crash?
  3. Australia, it's now officially quite late here
  4. how cool would it to be able to smile as swoosh,lifelong career as best selling nike salesman guaranteed
  5. i think its official, i have no life and am very desperate for money
  6. fold face up to show the table the great play you made
  7. push preflop, you're ahead of whats calling you
  8. it will, pray for a server screw up or a lock up
  9. i know, it must be a good cure for boredom, in a sad way, to watch people fight over 10 dollars
  10. this thread is awesome. I don't post for 5 months and now I'm creatingh a nice post count
  11. lol, are you always this funny, or only while drunk?
  12. but if we don't give up, you can't win either
  13. i got a few more hours to spare, free money is +EV
  14. its not like i can just let you, how many other people post on this board?and if your already playing ten dollar sngs you don't need the money as much as i dooh i just realised you will play some sngs my bad
  15. so yesterday i was playing and this guy had just won a massive pot of someone playing junk, but then he started to tell the other person how stupid they were, and i just wanted to scream shut up.what do you do in this situation
  16. are you joking, i have two cards, where am i going, think of the value
  17. its only 930 here, and i slept in till 5, im soo lazy. fold preflop, your push is only called by someone who beats you
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