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  1. What up bitches. How's everyone doing.Saw this on someone I know from high school's facebook status:"Gemima is looking forward to playing in the leaves with Sal today! Hehe"And I thought of you guys. Then I thought; I didn't know Gemima was a single mother.
  2. I finally got to see the beginning of this movie the other day. I've only ever watched it when it's on television and had only seen after the library had been set up. Beginning is good too. Can legs and ass really be seperated? If someone doesn't have nice legs they aren't going to have a nice ass and vice versa. So in that caseLegs/AssBoobsAlso, I'm another one that really likes a nice stomach.
  3. Why don't you enroll him in gymnastics? Then he gets to learn all these tricks the correct way, and he is taught about doing it safely, while on mats and stuff.And if you ever lose your job you can sell him to the circus.
  4. That story did end very differently to the way I thought it would.
  5. Sure if you want melenoma :stanley nickel: DENNY CRANE! I thought steak did the opposite and clogged up the pipes. What's wrong with you?Alcohol makes me poop.
  6. How did Loogie's eyes get in my head?
  7. The first CD I bought was Aqua - Aquarium I don't know what to make of this.Also haven't posted a welcome back Speedz yet. So uh, yeah.... hey Speedz.
  8. I hop it works out. Like Ron has said there's little downside if you lose this job since you hate it anyway. And I do think if you didn't have a job you would be more likely to get another. Like you've already said the extra time would make it easier.That is the correct interpretation.I'm pretty sure a you'd have to cut back on the gun nuttiness a lot if you moved here. You can own them but there are restrictions. There are so many good reasons to live here, but why do you want to move here specifically? It's probably you had to be there situation. There is a lot of background knowledge neede
  9. INCORRECT SIR! What's up? After posting all the stuff below I'm really confused about life. I had a friend that I've had since the 2nd grade. We went to the same high school and then we headed to the same University. He was my best friend for a really long time. Then we started drifting apart towards the end of highschool, but I still thought we cool. I was wrong. This guy had taken a serious hating to most of the people in the world while becoming very cliquey with those he still liked. I was in the hate group. I was sitting in lectures most days of the week while this guy was sitting next to
  10. Hey I use blue towels. YOU GOT SOME SORT OF PROBLEM WITH THAT!? I used to have cartoon animals, but now all we have is circles.
  11. Yeah I watched a diy video and it looked easy enough. Then I got the taphead off and the cover and the rest of the tap appears to be siliconed into the wall. I'm going to leave it for the agents and just leave the hot water turned off unless we want to shower. What the hell are flexoril's? We (the science revue) wrote a song about pi, song to the tune of seasons of love. I never actually learnt the song though so I don't know past the 8 with confidence. Apparently we don't have it up on youtube so instead I give you .In other news got drunk and made a massive fool of myself. Fun night.
  12. About to head out to a Rubix Cube party. Start the night in 6 items with 6 colours. End up as 1 colour.
  13. Sorry no, I think one of my sleeves got a bit of spray though.
  14. Beanz you around?The shower tap just broke. It was leaking so I went to tighten it. it then spun around and turned on. I kept turning it and now it's mostly off but it"s still leaking quite a bit. I could call the agent but they won't come today and I want to have a shower.thanks
  15. I hope you don't have anymore cancer Randy.
  16. The shoes I was wearing were quite sturdy. I've recently volunteered at the local volunteer emergency services (I didn't get into the fire department, so this is a good way to get some experience for the next time I apply) and they are learning to use chainsaws at the moment, and they have strict safety guidelines. I'm not a full member yet, I haven't even done the induction course, so I haven't been given boots to wear, and they didn't have any spare in my size. It's not the weather. I was the sickest I've ever been in February for 2 weeks. And it's summer here.
  17. I'm looking foward to this.I almost turned on a chainsaw on today. I was going to be as cool as Beans and Sal and all manly and shit. But I was wearing the wrong shoes. True story.Playing some theatresports tomorrow after not doing any impro for three months except for a really bad jam today. Should be fantastic. Then it's Frisbee, beer and maybe something else time.
  18. Fahrenheit makes no sense at all. And if I've ever used decimals with regards to Celcius it was in a chemistry lab. Maybe we might use .5 every so often in everyday use, but rarely. Check behind, worse card in the deck for you.
  19. I had stopped doing it, but something in Obey's lazy poker post resonated. Setting a really small goal won't stress me, but will remind me that I don't have to make balla money to be happy. And if I can't make 10 buyins in a month I'm going to be having a really bad month and goals won't matter anyway.
  20. levelname | hands_played | won | vpip | pfr | bb_100 --------------------+--------------+--------+-------+-------+-------- NLHE($0.50) - 2 max | 12373 | 926.35 | 50.93 | 47.85 | 14.97 TOTAL | 12373 | 926.35 | 50.93 | 47.85 | 14.97 Small recovery last couple of days. My Vpip and pfr are up and I feel good about that.March goals: at least $500 everything else is a bonus.
  21. I just search Heyo on google. It makes me sad that I say this in real life.The Urban dictionary page was the first result.A word that doesn't make me sad to say in real life is Bonza. I try and say it all the time. I also try and say tops all the times. These are aussie words that I believe are much better than G'day. I try to say g'day but it always seems forced, whereas bonza just rolls off the tongue.
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