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  1. Since you got Peyton Manning, why not go with Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne? That way every time they hook up for a completion or TD or however your league does points, you get points out of both of them.

  2. I need a damn couch for my apt. Can't find anything that's not expensive.
    I need to get a new couch to, its hard to have company over when all you have to sit on is a piece or crap broken futon.
  3. ive heard that it may help your game i have also heard that prescription downers i.e colonopin or xanax helps your game much more as it keeps calm and keeps you from tilting..i however have had the best results with a few drinks after a few drinks im relaxed and than i just dont care.. ill fold and move on when sober its harder for me to fold
    I am the exact opposite, I suck at poker when I am drunk, I suck at everything when I am drunk.
  4. First off when i wrote the original post i was playing poker on line and writing it as fast as possible. Secondly the 7 guys are suing because they feel they are getting slighted. This is not about poker it is about using people's names in ways they don't want to be used and without there permission. I can not make a commercial for my firm using Derek Jeter or Barry Bonds unless they allowed me to and gave them ample reimbursement for their use. That is what those guys are saying.This is way out of Daniels league. He is not very educated and it is pretty scary that he has this many followers. He does not even know odds when he is playing poker. ( VERY GOOD AT READING PEOPLE THOUGH) He is not a man you want to follow! He can express his opinions but he should know what he is talking about. He seems to like to talk out of his u know what! For instance as I stated in my last post ( Poker Mountain --top 2 site) Just his lack of overall knowledge of things and his seeing the big picture is way off. WHen i see people latching onto people like this not for their poker wisdom but for their political and personal agendas it worries me.TO all the kids reading this get an education go to school. You can work for a company or start your own. then go play poker. But to not finish high school and speak about topics is like he does is just a PRACTICAL JOKE. I will say it again his name from being the hottest poker in the year of the boom has made him who he is today. His last couple years have been abysmal. Without the financial security of his other jobs. (PROMOTING, POKER WEB SITE, AND ALL OTHER INCOMES ) He would not be that rich. HE is contradicting himself when he complains about the guys in the law suit. How about people start using his name to make money. HE wouldn't like that. He makes his money off his name and then compalins when others want to make money off theirs. He does not have to be part of the law suit. He does not need this money and LYLE is a friend of his. But some of the other guys would like there fair share that they have made for this company by using their names.
    HAHAHAHA This is probably the dumbest thing I have read on this site.
  5. I was forced to sleep on a couch Saturday night. After the wedding dance, nobody would let me drive home. The couch was pretty uncomfortable but I was so gone it didnt matter. Then two hours later, the owners two daughters came and woke me up at 8 in the morning. They were being so loud I got off the couch and had to walk about a mile to my car still in my tuxedo.

  6. full of ass sweat stains? those are the worst...or so i hear...
    No the worst is when your buddy wets himself after he is passed out all over the couch, then gets up and leaves and doesn't say a word to you.
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