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  1. Ok after watching that episode, definitely see the major social awkwardness. Also did anyone else think that episode sucked? They lost a ton of $, the social awkwardness of the other house was a bit too much, a lot of new characters introduced, and they didn't even do the penalty stunt.
  2. I have wiped my memory of that scene for sheer horror.
  3. Really good show. I don't really see the social awkwardness....I mean are they the most flamboyant/entertaining people? No, but they're fine and the show is a good one.
  4. MrSmoky shipped Event 1 2 years ago. I mean...a ton of people who win bracelets or at FT's say they play online of some sort. Plenty of online "robot" players have had success live and to say otherwise is comical to say the least.
  5. I keep forgetting about this like every single week....I don't think I've played one from start to finish since Week 1 or 2. :(ISAL
  6. I mean....I know I was mathematically eliminated.....but I go from a massive chip leader and winning 15/20 hands at one point during 5 handed...to out.Run into Aces w/ KQ99 < A4Then lose two races like J8 < 66 after 88x flop turn 6 riv 6 for insult to injury and QTcc < 59o rivs a str8.So depressing.Babboon comes back from like 200 chips to be chip leader in like 10-15 hands. What can you say except lol donkaments.
  7. el oh el @ saying u follow all 50+ events then the only 2 you name are from the WSOP ME.how did this go unnoticed?
  8. If you ever lay down Kings pf in this blinds structure, with this top heavy points structure, I will shoot you.
  9. gg wpbut making your own railcalls is super lame
  10. You get to play in Allen Fieldhouse? We only get to play in the practice facility. So sick I'm jealous.
  11. Yes, but with an asterisk. 2nd half when we were down 10 they were checking the rosters and apparently some kids played on two teams and they got DQ'ed immediately. I feel like Barry Bonds. I was just talking about it being -EV in the long-run. But this hand easily could've gone a different path (i.e. BG shoves turn, PE shoves turn, PE shoves flop, etc.) and suddenly it cost him $ to have this "metagame gold." Not sure if having some "metagame gold for bluffing people off AA in 8 way pots" will overcome the expectation you have in making a play like this.Granted I don't even pretend to kno
  12. This except FYP to include some more you missed.I think it's a very high variance spot, as are most big bluffs like that. I don't pretend to know as much as Durrr or even a lot of people on here, just trying to stimulate discussion and if anyone else thinks this play may actually be -EV in the longrun.edit: i.r. bad person for posting back2back
  13. I guess my first point wasn't really a point, it was leading into #2 and that was Barry was representing JJ+ and was never folding it. Or at least that was my interpretation from his podcast. That is if he went HU with Dwan. I told you it'd be incoherent.
  14. Alright I'm throwing this together quickly before my intramural bball championship (thinly veiled brag), so it may be incoherent. My apologies. Here we go.........As you know poker is about the long haul and not a small sample size. No one plays the exact hands the exact same way and there is "balancing" to what you do (i.e. you don't 3-bet ONLY you're top 3% hands, etc.).Now onto why I think it may be -EV, and keep in mind most of this analysis is coming from Durrr's POV:1) Durr's flop raise. I don't think Durrr expected PE to wake up with trips here, although no doubt once PE calls Durrr
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