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  1. AK against 86 sure is a coinflip!Nothing about this story is good.
  2. BINGO...I knew those years locked in Mommy's bathroom would cost me in the future...BTW, as I get older I find that I don't shoot with distance anymore...I just sort of gob out...thoughts?1). You're doing it too often, space out your nut-busting and you'll be painting the ceiling again in no time.2). Your prostate has become weak and probably cancerous. You will die soon. Please leave me all of your money and belongings.
  3. That's no problem...you're their best seller!!!oh ya! Well, I slept with your wife!His wife's in a coma.
  4. Put the money in a ziploc bag and stick it in the ol' pooper. Remove the bag in as public an area as possible and then tell people that you're so rich you shit money.
  5. I find the delay in running the board during all-ins to be very annoying. I prefer the way Party just quickly shits out five cards.Obligatory comedy "hay guys the reason it takes so long is so the server can choose the riggededest turn and river cards to deal omg feed me penis!" explanation.
  6. lol same with me in the quarters...terrible playing. was a pleasure, see you in the next heads up maybe? thanks for chopping...:Dthat tommy guy called a couple of your bluffs with absolute garbage...don't know how he made it so farI'll try to remember to start playing these more often. Hopefully we won't run into each other until the finals again.Although I did dominate you heads-up
  7. I had 88 that hand but wasn't sure how good it was after the Q fell. I guess he had an unimproved ace or something.
  8. I did my best to donk out in the semis but somehow that Tommy guy folds with insane odds a couple times and does other weird things to help me win.Fun chopping with you, Troy.
  9. I think we'll have to go through Stars support to do that but a chop sounds good to me if I make it.
  10. I'm still in my semifinal match. Been getting horrible cards and only winning pots on retarded bluffs that shouldn't have worked at all.
  11. An all FCP final would be excellent.As I was looking at the remaining few players I kept wondering why I recognized your name, since I rarely play on Stars. Small world.Good luck.
  12. So you're saying the good outweighs the bad?
  13. Username

    tom leykis

    Tom Leykis is a fat douche and his advice is only good if you're looking to nail as many syphillis-infected, meth using, child abuse victims with no sense of self-esteem as possible.
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