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  1. fidler you were a luck box you were nothing but a LAG againt donks.....i canmt believe how donkish that table was.........
  2. anyone want to define troll????????i created my identity of FWP and I dont think I should pretend to be anyone else.....dont insult my intelligence by the way im a drunk but I dominate poker and do very well in school..... I never think anyone is smarted than me like I never think anyones better than me at poker
  3. if you guys could enter any 10k event would you choose the WSOP wit the extremely large field or another event.. I go other
  4. 1 DN2 Steve7stud3 FWPmost informative, intelligent and entertaining posters on this siteby the way is anyone not enjoying my past couple hours on this site...actually i shouldnt ask cuz I know you are and you wont admit it...KDAWG STAY AWAYYYYYYY
  5. awww mercury..........I got my supporters, dont think I dont I thought suited was but dont think so now
  6. ill def wear a wheres jerry if I make the web cast..........i dont care if we find out by then or notali nejad = terrorist?
  7. what do you mean grinder? wakefield sucks to hatre a red sock but you make me
  8. theres no doubt then when I make the web cast FT...........all of you will be rooting for me
  9. i drink rum and coke every day....I LOVEE IT....i only drink keg beer and caronas with my rum and coke during the summer FYI
  10. whats up PM.... its just FWP being FWP...........ya on 4th drink and the bottles aslmost empty fu(KKKKKKKKI would give up FCP way before WEEI
  11. mods are on vacation...yesssssssssssssssyou guys still dont realize you want me here???????
  12. it made me laugh out loud......donk
  13. not funny? i thought it was
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